Mindful Ramblings 009

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It was a really disappointing week at work but that's life. Luckily, I was able to finally read Invisible Girl and I even wrote a review. I started up a favorite of mine last week - Saint Anything. It's actually not as great as I remembered but still really good. I'm planning on getting some reading done this weekend so I can have books to review for later this week. I was ahead of the game with my posting but need to get back on the ball.

Last week I walked about 42,958 steps. It's not at my goal point (56,000) but it's still at least closer than I was doing it before. I have to run a lot of miles this week to get prepared for my race next Saturday. There is no way I'll be able to run the whole 5k but I still plan on really go for it. 

Like I said before, this last week I read Invisible Girl which I really enjoyed. It felt very different to the usual thriller or at least what I perceive thrillers are to be like. This was a good thing. I got my coworker into the book so I keep on getting updates from her while I try not to spoil anything. I started Saint Anything as a reread of mine which is again not as wonderful as I remember but still really good. I'm breezing though it so it's nice to have that fast-paced read going. I also just finished a manga but that is this week not last week (I count Saturdays - Friday as a week of reading for me since I usually post this on Saturday). The manga in question was cute just to let you know and I'm hoping to review it soon.

I'm doing a new reading experiment where I don't have a tbr. I'll still be scheduling in my book club read and try to get to my Spanish read but I'm not going to be creating a list to see what happens. Will I read more or less? That's the question I am trying to answer. I do have one that I am interested in next - Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno. I may read it, I may not but I'm really desperate to read a summer book so it's a good option for one. I'll also be reading Garlics and Sapphires for my book club book. We are going to discuss it this weekend and choose the chapters. And I'll see if I can finish up Saint Anything this week too. So it sounds like I have a tbr but I really don't lol. I'm being a mood reader for once. 

This week I am planning on writing the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag, a manga review, and a YA book review. Last week I wrote my eighth mindful rambling, a list of recent tbr adds, a review of Invisible Girl, and I discussed my weekday reading experiment

This week I am featuring an artist from Brazil - Raynar Alencar. He's a freelance artist who has the perfect art for animated movies.

How was your reading week?


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