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I was feeling a bit slumpy the last couple of weeks but got really into my mother daughter book club book recently. I only have a few chapters left while my mom has been waiting for me to finish it. By the end of the day I'll have Invisible Girl done! It's really fantastic. There have been so many changes in my life that I am overthinking and analyzing everything so it's nice when I get into a good book and think about another world for a while.

Two weeks ago I walked 57,490 steps and last week I walked 43,437 steps. Pretty good. I am so behind with my 5k plan. I am going to have to really push myself so I can get used to going at least 2 miles. Two weeks ago I ran/walked the furthest I have with this program - 1.5 miles in a little over 19 minutes. I was feeling very tired that day but I think if I ran more than once a week I would improve. Now I am determined to really push myself. 

In these last three weeks I read one picture book (Flora's Very Windy Day), one horror book (Whispers in the Dark), one Spanish children's book (Los Tipos Malos), a manga (I'm the Catlord's Manservant Vol. 1), and one graphic novel (New Mutants by Johnathan Hickman). As you can tell, my reading has been all over the place. Flora's Very Windy Day ended up being about a big sister's love for her little brother which was nice. Whispers in the Dark was very different from what I expected. It didn't feel like a horror but I think I just think of most horror books as either bloody or psychological. I'm going to say it again but it's so difficult learning and remembering new Spanish words. Los Tipos Malos felt super long for a 100+ pages book but I got through it. I'm the Catlord's Manservant was very weird. I was feeling a bit down that day when I read it and it gave me a laugh. It's just too weird not to. I was looking forward to reading the New Mutants comic but I assumed wrongly that it would introduce me to the new characters not just throw me into what felt like a disorganized plot. 

Next up I'm reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I loved the series and I've gotten into the beginning of the audiobook a couple of weeks ago so it's time I commit to it. I'm also planning on reading what I feel is a very summery read - To Catch a Pirate. A girl trying to get a stolen necklace back from a pirate and falling in love in the process. Sounds fun and cute and perfect for summer. Lastly, I'll be starting my next mother daughter book club book which I intentionally picked out because it's something completely different from what my mom has ever read. It's also contains two things I love in books - a memoir about a random person and it's a foodie book - Garlic and Sapphires. This has been on my tbr the longest so I am hitting two birds with one stone. 

This week I am planning on writing about some books on my tbr, a review of Invisible Girl, and about a reading experiment I did a couple weeks ago. Last week I discussed if readathons were for me, a review for ParaNorthern, and a reading experiment on reading poetry books for the first time.

This week the artist I am featuring is a graphic designer for games. I love the 3D designs of Pit Baldriz! Some of them even look like they are made out of clay.
What books are you reading first for Summer?


  1. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Good Omens - we enjoyed the tv show, too!

    1. I've put a pause on it for now. I think I'll rewatch the show this Summer and get into the book again. I love both actors. I wish there was more to the story because it was so much fun.


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