Favorite Books of 2018

I've finally completed my last book of the year. That means it is time for me to reveal my favorite books of 2018. I've read 56 books this year which is my lowest recorded reading years ever. I did read a few gems though that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope next year, even if I read a little, I read amazing books.

It's always nice to look back at my reading year. It's strange to see all the books I started off with because those were books I preplanned to read for weeks prior. I'm up to my same habits this end of the year planning all my reads so nothing has changed. I've been adding in my mind all the extra books I want to read in January in addition to my tbr list I created for myself weeks ago.  I want to read everything which is exciting because I was in a major reading slump most of the year. Looking back to my favorite books of this year makes me want to read so many books in the new year that I'll take days to choose each favorite category in 2019. That's how many good books I want to read this upcoming year.

I thought for this favorites list I would do a throwback and bring back some categories of favorites like I had in 2013. I'm sure I made categories in years after, but 2013 caught my eye when looking at favorites and inspired me to create this list in four parts.

Best Female Character
Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Kong
Ruth was the most relatable character I've read in a long time. I tend to read a lot but I've only been able to say that a character is not just relatable in general, but relatable to what I've gone through/am going through only twice in my life. This being the second time. Ruth is a character contemplating her past years with someone she thought she was going to end up with. She is protective of her parents and just has a very distinct voice. Even if she was going through things I never have gone through the way she thought resonated with me.

Best Male Character
The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors
When looking back at the male characters I read in all my books there were very few that stood out. I think the reason behind this is that I mostly read from female POV's. Owen stood out as a kind, compassionate, and strong male character. The one he falls for, Emmeline, is disabled as well as from the poorer side of the kingdom. He has his own issues but he retains his kindness and bravery to protect the ones he cares for throughout his journey.

Best Sibling Dynamic
Counting to Perfect by Suzanne LaFleur 
Counting to Perfect was a late read for me but a thankful one. Before I read it I never realized I couldn't find a book whose sibling relationships I admired. Julie and Cassie have a lot of things unsaid to each other. Nevertheless they do try at times to understand one another and be together.

Best Parent-Child Dynamic
Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Kong
Ruth and her father were genuine together. Ruth's father has Alzheimer's. While they navigate through the uncertainty of life and memories we get glimpses of her father's love for his daughter in the way of notes. Interspersed with the story you get to read notes the father made about the interactions he's had with his daughter when she was young - funny and insightful things she has said. I felt their closeness through those intimate notes and the way Ruth did her best to take care of her father even as the distance grew with his disease and secrets kept in the past. 

Best Friendship
The Stone Heart by Faith Erin Hicks
Kaidu and Rat's loyalty to one another makes this a great friendship. Individually their personalities and wants make them so interesting but put them together and you get an amazing dynamic. The bravery, loyalty, and kindness they show each other exemplifies what a good friendship in a story can be.

Best Couple
The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors

Emmeline and Owen are so sweet together. I love both of their personalities and love for each other. There romance is slow and their story is an adventure. Both characters are so kind and brave that it isn't surprising when I thought of them immediately for this category.

Most Unique
Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan
I've never read a story surrounding paper girls in the 80s trying to survive the mystery of a sci-fi event. There's a ot of layer to Paper Girls that make it incredibly unique to anything I've read before. It has a nostalgia feel to it with some twists and turns that make it my most unique read this year.

Best Premise
To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo
After discovering what To Kill a Kingdom was about, I had to read it. I absolutely love retellings. Dark retellings are even better. This Little Mermaid retelling where Ariel (Lira) steals hearts and is prepared to steal that of Eric's (Elian) to get back into her mom's good graces (Ursula) is one of the best premises of a book I've ever read. I know it isn't particularly unique but it is a concept that suits my reading tastes to a T.

Most Heartbreaking
Counting to Perfect by Suzanne LaFleur
I couldn't believe how very few emotional scenes I remembered that I read this year. I'm such an emotional person and I eat that up. Within the first few pages I was going Aww! in a melancholy voice after reading how Cassie felt so invisible in her own home. The combination of Cassie feeling this way and her relationship made this such a heartbreaking read. It isn't as heart wrenching as past reads but it did certainty tug at my heart strings.

Best Page Turner
In Her Skin by Kim Savage
In Her Skin had me on the edge of my seat. I had to keep going. I needed to know what happened and how the story would end. I had such a strong reaction to this story. I was talking to everyone about it. I was theorizing. I was gasping. And I was screaming by the end of it. Such a tumultuous read that kept me in suspense.

Best Start of a New Series
Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix
I read very few new series this year. None of them caught my eye for this category like Just Ella, my first Haddix book. Ella's story was harrowing. Full of bravery and friendship - The Palace Chronicles series started off wonderfully. I love most of all, how Ella is able to get help from friends but also is independent and stands up for herself.

Best Picture Books

Bear's Scare by Jacob Grant
Yes, I couldn't pick one picture book. I read so many and two of them were too good not to put on this list. Bear's Scare has the most gorgeous artwork. I ended up reading another picture book by Grant because of it. This story is so simple, so sweet, I love it.

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk
How could I not add this book? It combines two of my favorite things in books - art and food. The mystery, rhyme, beautiful artwork by Kearney, and story centered around these refrigerated characters was such a fantastic combination. I love how it is a series and I can continue on the adventure.


Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Kong
This was a tough choice. It was between Goodbye, Vitamin and The Sweetest Spell. The Sweetest Spell had an addition of Owen boxing that I didn't care for. I know it was something small but for me it is what tipped the scales. Goodbye, Vitamin was the perfect read at the perfect time. I needed to read this book at this time in my life. It was like it was made for me. What more can I say?

What were your favorite reads of this year? 
What did you think of my categories? Are there any you think I should add or change for next year? 


  1. To Kill a Kingdom is on my list for next year. Happy reading in 2019!

    1. Awesome, I hope you enjoy reading it. Happy New Year!🎉

  2. I haven't read any of the books that made your list. I feel like I have some work to do. I did just buy To Kill a Kingdom yesterday so I hope to get to that one soon.

    1. Oh wow, what a coincidence. I hope you enjoy To Kill a Kingdom. Lira was so much fun to follow along.

  3. I just finished In This Ground which I absolutely loved. There There might be a close second. Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. I've heard There There is supposed to be good. I've seen it a bunch of times at my library. I'll have to give it a shot.

  4. Counting to Perfect does sound really good, and I've been wanting to try PAper Girls.

    Hope you have a nice New Years!

    1. It's a really sweet read! I hope you like Paper Girls. The first book started off good but not fantastic. I think I might have felt that way because I hardly read sci-fi though.

      Happy New Year to you as well (:

  5. I've not read any of your top choices so I'm glad to now have these new books to discover! I'm intrigued by Goodbye, Vitamin so want to find out more about this one especially. Thanks for sharing your favourites :-)

    1. Goodbye, Vitamin is such a great book! It's short too so you might like that as well.

  6. I really want to read Paper Girls and I read the first in the series by Faith Erin Hicks; I still need to read the others because the first was great.


    1. I'm hoping to finish the Faith Erin Hicks trilogy this year. I'm hoping it ends with a bang.

  7. Congrats on reading 56 books; I know it is your lowest reading year but that is still great!!! I love the categories and way you did your favorite books.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I was looking back at my old posts. I don't know why I stopped doing the categories this way. I don't think I did anything last year so it was nice to do it again.

  8. I shouldn't have read this post simple because my TBR pile won't stop growing! ha ;)

    1. Mine seems endless as well. I want to try to cap it at 450 and only add more if I've either gotten rid of one on my list or read one.


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