Five Wild Picture Books

I've read so many picture books this year that I've hardly shared. I wanted to share one batch of them that all have animals in them. They aren't very wild animals like the title suggests. A few of them are house pets or the owner's of their own home! There were elements in each one of them I enjoyed. I hope you enjoy my reviews of them as well.

Bear likes to keep his house clean and tidy. In fact, the only thing Bear loves more than cleaning is taking care of his small stuffed friend, Ursa.

Then Bear sees a sticky spiderweb . . . and where there's a web there is certainly a spider! The messy guest must be found, but what Bear and Ursa finally discover might just be an unlikely friend.

Opposites attract in this adorable story, where new friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Bear loves to be neat and orderly. He loves caring for things and for his teddy bear friend, Ursa. One day, he discovers a spider web and goes searching for this messy spider that mustn't have anything in common with him. Meanwhile, while Bear is looking for the sticky web culprit, you see this adorable spider do all manner of things like paint, read, crotchet, and play guitar. Then something unthinkable happens and Bear finds out not to judge someone before you get to know them.

I absolutely LOVE this picture book. Bear is adorable and so is the spider. The spider's hat is a button and for reason that aesthetic has me loving him more. Bear's Scare has one of the best illustrations I've seen in a picture book. Bear's Scare is such a cute story with a meaningful lesson and beautiful illustrations to enjoy.


Cat and Yarn are the best of friends. They have so much fun playing together, the two are inseparable.

Until the day Girl takes Yarn away.

When Yarn Returns, he is completely changed, no longer Cat's bright and rolly friend. Cat is mad!

Soon, Cat begins to miss his best friend, and he just might realize that a little change isn't so bad after all.
Cat Knit is a story of friendship between a cat and his yarn. Cat loves playing with yarn but then he changes. He really doesn't like how yarn has changed but finds in the end that just because his friend changed doesn't mean that they can't still be friends.

I loved Jacob Grant's Bear's Scare so much that I had to go searching for another one of his books. When I found Cat Knit I knew I found another winner.

Cat Knit made me laugh out loud. It was a wonderfully amusing story that had a hidden lesson for us all. The ending scene was perfect and hilarious. The only thing was that the book had a lot of white pages with just words on them. I know it fit the winter setting but it also could have used some indication of snow or something like that. I was really pleased overall with cat and yarn's story. I'll be looking out for more of Jacob Grant's picture books in the future.


Meet Morris Mole—he has always been a little bit different. When the moles are running low on food, it's up to clever Morris to save the day. With a little help from an unexpected friend and a lot of digging, Morris learns that even the smallest creatures can do big things.
Morris Mole lives with his big brother's underground. He is the youngest out of them all. The Mole brother's dig all day for food however, they are having trouble finding any. Morris decides to be courageous and do something none of the brother's have done. Dig up.

In the world above he meets danger, friends, and a way to help his brothers through quick wit, kindness, and bravery. Morris Mole is a nice tale with a message that no matter how small you are, you can do big things even things that can help the ones you love.

Morris Mole was a cute story with a nice message. I enjoyed the vibrant illustrations and how it teaches to be kind and brave. I found it strange that there was no mention of how Morris acted/dressed differently from his brothers. I guess that is illustrated through his innovative idea to dig up instead of down.


Papillon is a very fluffy kitty. So fluffy that he's lighter than air! His owner tries to weigh him down, but Papillon just wants to fly. 

One particularly sunny day, he floats right out the window! Exploring the wide world is exhilarating, but it's also a little scary. Will his new friend, a bird, be able to help him find his way home?

Whimsical art and airy text come together seamlessly in this delightful debut by A. N. Kang.
Papillon is so fluffy, he floats! His owner tries to weigh him down so he doesn't float so far. She does this by using adorable costumes that Papillon doesn't appreciate.

Papillon gets his way as all cats do. But as a result, he ends up following his new bird friend right out the window. The world is scary and he becomes lost. What will Papillon do?

I love the style of Papillon. It's very cute and almost whimsical. I liked that Papillon's friend helps him with his problem. It's a good way to send the message that sometime's you need to ask your friend for help. I'm looking forward to continue Papillon's adventures. I enjoyed the friendship, the lovely imagery, and Papillon in the starring role in The Very Fluffy Kitty.


Hermelin is a noticer. He is also a finder. The occupants of Offley Street are delighted when their missing items are found, but not so happy to learn that their brilliant detective is a mouse! What will happen to Hermelin? Will his talents go unrewarded?
Hermelin is an especially special little mouse. He's special because he can read, type on his typewriter, and solve mysteries of missing items. He is such a good detective that he is invited to a party, a celebration of all he has done for Offley Street. You can imagine the reaction of the neighborhood when a mouse arrives to the party. In turn, Hermelin begins to see himself differently while a little girl sees him just as he is - special.

I love the idea of a mouse detective that can read and type. The story was very sweet and fun to read. Hermelin's keen eye for observing makes him a great detective. Him being a mouse complicates things but in the end makes the story more enjoyable. The arrangement of the illustrations makes this a story with a lot to see on every page.

I wish there were more Hermelin stories. I could easily see myself adventuring with Hermelin in the future. Alas, that's not the case but I enjoyed my time with him nonetheless. 


Have you read any of these stories?
What book intrigues you the most?


  1. Oh my goodness- these all look adorable! I haven't read any of them- but I am adding them to my list, as I am always on the lookout for new books for my school library. Thanks!

    1. They are all very fun to read! There are so many picture books at the library I am tempted to take out.

  2. I've become more interested in picture books since I have grandkids. These are darling. Thanks!

    1. No problem! There are so many great picture books out there. And the illustrators are continuously stepping up their game.


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