Three Delicious Picture Books

I've recently read three deliciously depicted picture books filled with food to delight the eyes. Since I read all three back to back I thought I share them all right here. Bon App├ętit!


Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are leftover best friends in a fridge with an assortment of food. They find out from Miss Brie that there is only one drop of maple syrup left. They both bound forward in a race across foodie places like Potato Mash Mountain, Chili Lagoon, and Orange Juice Fountain. They gather any food item to find a way to go faster to the goal in front of the other. At the end they both will be shocked with surprise and take away a lesson from all there fighting.

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast isn't that the greatest title? I thought so when I first saw it. It's not just a great name but a great book. Kearney's illustrations and colors are gorgeous. The book's a fest for the eyes! Funk's rhyming was spot on. I enjoyed seeing and reading all of the places, ways, and other food people cross the two friends path.                                                                                                  Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast is extremely adorable, beautifully illustrated with fun rhymes. This is one picture book that I would love to have on my shelf for a very long time. I love foodie books so it's perfect for me. The side effect from finishing this picture book is that I seriously want pancakes and french toast!


Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are back at it again with a new adventure. They've learned their lesson from their last exploit to come together as a team to find the stinky stench befouling the refrigerator. They are joined by Inspector Croissant, Sir French Toast's nephew, who hasn't solved a case once and needs some extra help from his uncle and his uncle's friend.

Off they race, finding clues along the path. What could be causing that stinky smell? Could Baron Von Waffle be behind this foul plot? Could it be a stinky red fish that lurks at the bottom of Corn Chowder Lake? You will soon find out as Lady Pancake, Sir French Toast, and Inspector Croissant travel through new corners of their home in order to solve their very first case!                                                                                                                              Not surprisingly, I thought The Case of the Stinky Stench was very cute, the rhyming was perfect, and the illustrations once again were inviting. My favorite line had to be, "Great!" said Crossiant as he tripped by Miss Steak. Get it? He tripped and made a mistake??? Hilarious.

I did find it odd that the illustrations had scribble lines on the eyes and hair which if I'm correct, wasn't in the last book from what I can see. There was some more of Baron Von Waffle which I was happy for. Now I just want even more of him! Lucky me, I took a gander at the next book's synopsis, Mission: Defrostable, and found out that our MC's will be partnering up with are deliciously evil villain! I hope this series continues with more and more foodie adventures because I'll definitely be eating them up!


Today's the day that Nanette will go all by herself to get a baguette at the bakery. Along the way she'll meet friends whose names all rhyme with Nanette like Georgette and a pet fly named Antoinette. She must not forget to get the baguette from the bakery like her mom asked. What will befall Nanette on her important date? Will Nanette be able to retrieve the baguette? We'll see in Mo Willems' Nanette's Baguette.

So much rhyming! The thing is everything rhymes with an et/ette ending sound which was unexpected and slightly annoying. I think it was the amount of gets in the story. But, once Nanette reached a certain point I stopped nitpicking and enjoyed Nanette's many dramatic expressions. This was a really fun and humorous read. The drama of it all especially on Nanette's face (the backgrounds added a nice touch) will surely make kids laugh out loud.

We have to talk about the art in the story because if you can see it seems to pop out just a tiny bit. I really liked the effect of what I like to call the cut-out art. It really added to the story and made it unique. 

Nanette's Baguette is a cute tale of a dramatic frog trying her best to get a baguette. The artwork is very different than the norm and adds to the story's drama. Even if the rhyming grew a little tiresome, the story as a whole was a fun treat.

What foodie character or food item would you enjoy reading the most about if you could have the choice?


  1. All three look good. Even at my age, I like picture books.

  2. Love Mo Willems Pigeon books and the peered breakfast characters sound hilarious. Wish I still had little ones to buy picture books for. (However, I have been known to by Willems books just for myself and MY library.)

  3. I haven't read any of these! I have been wanting to read The Lady Pancake series since I first heard about them. I must get them soon. Sounds like these were fun reads- I bet my students will love them.

    Mo Willems is SO popular with my students. I have read a lot of his books- but not Nanette's Baguette. I think I have it in my library and I will have to check it out. I am also curious what the kiddos think of the rhyming. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Aw, those first two sound adorable. I really love picture books. I'd read about anything that deal with sweets. :)


  5. Fun! LAdy Pancake and Sir French Toast looks really cute, and now I want French toast! Sounds so good ha ha!

  6. Aaahhh! I'm so glad you're enjoying the adventures of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast! I'm sorry about the side effect of making you crave breakfast treats... but Bon Appetit!

  7. These look so cute and I'm always looking for great children's books to give as gifts. Thanks for sharing and now I have some new ideas.


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