March 2020 TBR // Historical Romance Readathon

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I wanted to do some weeks where it was a theme. I started off with wanting to read romance which turned into a problem because now all I want to read is romance. So that plan is dashed... I'm going to still work on Mulan Week but stretch it out. I'll pick some Disney princess books for the future too so I can just create one post on my thoughts. It's been really fun finding books I think each Disney Princess will want to read. I'm really happy about Belle and Rapunzel so far. Tiana is looking good too. I'm excited about a lot of books on my March TBR. There's a historical romance readathon happening so I got some recommendations and added them on here. I find adult romances to be ridiculous, hilarious, and fun all at the same time. I'm happy to be picking up five. Anywho here are the books on my March TBR:

Who would have thought I would have wanted to ever read a sports romance? But reading one last month made me change my mind. The Wrong Game isn't the typical sport romances which usually involves a player. This one has our main character Gemma having seasons tickets that she initially bought for her and her ex-boyfriend. I'm thinking to make her ex-husband jealous or showing that she doesn't need him, she want to have a different single guy joining er for each game. But then there is that one funny guy who ends up staying for more than one game. Very cute idea, very cute cover. I'm in. 

Surprise, surprise I didn't read Faker last month. It's getting ridiculous. The not so great reviews have been getting to me but no more. I will read or listen to this office romance once and for all this month.

I originally read the synopsis of The Rebel King, which is the sequel to The Kingmaker which basically sounded so twistedly dramatic I couldn't help but want to read it. The Kingmaker is about Maxim trying to build an empire. He seems to have daddy issues. His father stole from the love interest's family but they are too into each other to care. Seems rather silly but lots of fun.

Most of the historical romances were recommendations. This historical romance readathon is from March 16 - 22. The hosts are PeaceLoveBooksxo, LaceyBooklovers, and remarkablylisa. I chose When a Scot Ties the Knot by one of the modern day romance queens Tessa Dare because of Jean Bookishthoughts' vlog called An Actual Scot Reads Highlander Romances. Basically, the shy heroine doesn't know how to talk to guys. She writes letters to someone she makes up a name for and sends it out. There is an actual person by the same name who gets the letters and goes to see her years later. Jean loved this one and thought it was really funny so I'm very optimistic. The concept is something I've never heard of before and it just sounds like lots of fun.

I picked Mine Till Midnight because there were some women wanting to read it at my library but it isn't available in a physical format. I also feel like someone may have mentioned this in a historical romance recommendation video but I'm not sure who. I have seen it in videos after I picked it so that makes me think it'll be good. It has the heroine coming into money. She's going to be part of the aristocracy along with the younger siblings she takes care of. She goes to this guy who's used to high society to help her. And of course a romance ensues. I've seen Lisa Kleypas around everywhere. She's a popular romance author which makes me worried because you never know with popular authors but I'm willing to give her a shot.

Scandalous Desires has by far the most hilarious title and cover. It was recommended by remarkablylisa in her Historical Romance Recommendations video. She loves pirate romances so I'm trusting her on this one. I never even thought of reading a pirate historical romance but I'm pretty psyched after listening to her to talk about it. It has a captain's wife asking a river pirate for help which ruins the marriage. She ends up secluding herself in a foundling home (a fancy word for orphanage) she runs with her brother. Years later the river pirate (how villainous can a river pirate be?) comes to the heroine for help. I'm so curious about this one. I just started watching Lisa so I have high hopes for her recommendation.

I need to read A Little Hatred already. Its a military fantasy and I've been hyped to read it for months.

I'll Meet You There is a small town YA (possibly New Adult) with Skylar having ambitions to go to art school. Her mom's recently lost her job so her dreams are slipping away. The love interest is a vet who lost his leg in Afghanistan. Small town romances are the best. I'm dying to read this one.

I've been reading Can't Hurt Me for forever now. I'm less than 200 pages from finishing so I plan to be done soon. I'm really liking it. I just have been in more of a romance mood lately.

The Princess Curse and Broken Strings are two books I just need to read already. I have had them on my list to read for forever. Can you sense a theme?

Isadora Moon is that one Spanish book I want to try to read. I want to try to practice reading in Spanish in hope that that'll translate in me actually practicing speaking in Spanish. 

My Tokyo Ghoul series reading is going terribly. I want to finish the series this year so I put it on this list so I can remember tor read them. 

I forgot to add this book but I want to read Salty, Bitter, Sweet very soon since like most books this month it comes out on March 3rd.

What are you planning to read this March? Are there any genres or topics that you are bingeing or getting into lately?


  1. I've been reading a lot of romance, too! Lots of Kindle freebies.


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