February 2020 Reading Wrap-Up & Stats

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I really went after my reading in February. In January I only read nine books while in February I read fourteen. I also rediscovered my love of reading romance. Did I stick with my tbr? Not a chance. I'm such a mood reader but I love creating lists. I attempted to read romance books for a week (successful) and books I thought Mulan would read (unsuccessful). I think I'm just going to stick with writing reviews and slowly creating new reading content since I tend to read whatever comes to mind in the moment. I've hardly written reviews in the last two years which is something I plan on changing. 

Side Note: I'm back up to 262 books on my TBR. I was at 188 books back in 2019. Then I shot up to 297 then around 325. Now I have 262 books on my TBR list. I want to significantly get that down this year once again. I'm going for 150 books. I would love to get it to as low as 20 but it'll be a small miracle if that happens. I'll be posting my progress each month. 

Snow & Rose ★ - Beautifully written whimsical fairy tale retelling.

Frogged ★ - A reread that made me remember just how disregarded girls can be even in frog form.

The Divided Earth ★ - I wasn't as drawn in to this finale book in the series as I was in the first book.

The Fairy-Tale Detectives ★ - As great as I remember this favorite series has ever been.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 ★ - Kaneki gets his mask and starts training to become the badass he is.

Howl's Moving Castle ★ - What an unexpected twist behind the Witch of the Waste's motives.

Somewhere Only We Know ★ - A lying love interest doesn't make a cute romance.

Pestilence ★ - Better than expected even with the whole prisoner thing going on. 

The Break Away ★ - Another disappointing kidnapping story that's supposed to be a romance too...

The Deal ★ - More ridiculous than I remember but still fun.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? ★ - Beautifully colored with interesting facts and a sometimes surprisingly difficult scavenger hunt.

Spin the Dawn ★ - The author did too much with the story and the romance was alright. The beginning portion was well done.

Expedition Sketchbook ★ - Inspirational look at an artist's work and tips on drawing.

Ran and the Gray World ★ - Disjointed storyline with a questionable aspect yet whimsical with a unique plot.

Reading Stats

Favorite Book of the Month: Pestilence
Worst Book of the Month: The Break Away
Most Disappointing Book of the Month: Somewhere Only We Know
Books Read: 14
Pages Read: 3,852
Genres Read: 1 adventure, 1 contemporary romance, 7 fantasies, 1 horror, 1 nonfiction, 2 romances and 1 thriller.
Author: 12 female authors and 2 male authors.
Age Range: 2 adult books, 5 middle grade, 1 new adult, and 6 YA books.

I read 14 books this past month which is what I should be reading to get to my goal of 175 books except I changed my goal to be more reasonable. I changed it 139 with the hopes of reaching 175. I picked the number 139 since it's one book more than I read last year. As far as my other reading goals, I'm not doing the best but I'm not discouraged. I read way too little male authors but I've gotten into romance again so that can't be helped. I'm half way through reading 10 nonfiction books this year (changed from 12). I changed my reading goal of about 20+ must read books to 15. I've read 3 books so far off that adjusted list. I inadvertently finished a series this month so yay me! I have read 0 classics and don't know when I'm going to start with that challenge. I've read 2 out of 10 horror books. And I've not read or reviewed any backlisted books. I'm hoping to use next month's wrap up to influence my April reading month since I feel like I'm not giving the books I wanted to give priority to in the beginning of the year. We will see if March improves my numbers.

How was your reading in February? Did you get into a genre like I did?


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