Review Copy Cleanup Wrap Up

The purpose of the August Review Cleanup was to get rid of a bunch of your review copies that you have because there are a bunch to read. I started off strong but dwindled. But hey! I read six books and did 5 reviews so that's not bad. I have to be more conscious of  the review copies I need to read. I need to read a lot more per month.

My Reviews:

Read But Not Yet Reviewed

Children's Books:

Young Adult Books:

My favorite book reviewed was....

Blink Once!

If there is a next time I plan to read all the way through almost all review books. This was a great challenge that has gotten me focused on reading more NetGalley and other reviews that I have yet to read!

By the way I didn't change my background! I just put it from classic to sidebar because it's easier to look at the different reviews without having to wait a long time loading to scroll down.