His Dark Materials Readalong

You may or may not know that His Dark Materials id the trilogy of books: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. Think girl riding polar bear. There is a readalong going on from today to October 31st hosted by The Overstuffed Bookcase (where I discovered the readalong) and The Daily Bookmark

Anyone can participate. The hosts will have discussions of a number of chapters which you can follow along. I may add to that or have different discussions about the book. I am planning to read at their pace but you can read at any pace you want. 

You can win prizes!

  • Prize: $15 gift card to Amazon, OR a book of your choice (up to $15) from The Book Depository.

Ways to win:
  • Write a NEW review on your blog for one or more of the His Dark Materials books during the vent dates OR
  • Write a NEW discussion post on your blog about one or more of the His Dark Materials books during the event dates (On your own blog you can simply answer the discussion questions they post.)

The winner will be randomly selected on November 1st, 2012 or close to that date.

Tweet the readalong with #HDMreadalong

More information can be found at either of the hosts blogs including discussion dates, more ways you can win, and entry of the giveaway through Rafflecopter.


  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word, Adriana! :D And you can definitely use this post as an extra entry for the giveaway, after you complete the mandatory entry of a new review or discussion post!

    To answer your question on my blog: You can totally do your own discussion posts if you want! You can simply respond to our discussion posts which will be split up by certain chapters, or you can write your own discussion posts about one of the books, two of the books, all of the books, about half of a book or whatever you want to do! I think your discussion idea sounds great (although I probably won't read it until I've finished the books because I've never read them before)!

    As far as the readalong goes, you can do whatever you want, really, but for the giveaway you have to first write a NEW review or NEW discussion post (whether it's your own post or a response to one of our discussion posts) about one or more of the books. "New" simply meaning you can't go find an old review or discussion post you did a year ago and link to that--it has to be a review or discussion post done within the time of the readalong. This first review or discussion post counts as your mandatory entry for the giveaway. Once you have that one entered into the giveaway, you can earn other extra entries, for things such as following our blogs, following us on Twitter, writing a Spread the Word post (like you already have done!), and writing more reviews and/or discussion posts.

    I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any more! :D

  2. This more than answers my question. Thanks so much (:


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