Blink Once by Cylin Busby

Release Date: September 4th 2012
West hasn't always been popular and good looking but when he's starting High School he has a friend in Mike. Mike a curly red haired wannabe ladies woman who rides bike. Mike saved him from being this geeky outcast when he saw potential in him. He had gotten his braces off, got contact lenses, and grew taller. West like Mike is also a bike rider and when doing one of his tricks to impress Allie his girlfriend he lands... wrong. He becomes paralyzed.

Now you may be wondering what's up with the girl on the cover? I was to but don't worry. There is a girl the same age as him. A very odd kind of scary girl that he can't help but like. She's constantly trying to get rid of her feeding thing... I forgot what's it's called but basically it's because she's anorexic. She wants to become friends with him. He can't really do anything about it since he's strapped down and can't move but he looks forward to her visits and likes to even write about something's that are bothering him like the strange nightmares that plague him about a girl full of blood and a man as the culprit.

I loved this duo. I loved this story. I sort of kind of loved the ending. West is very lovable. Thank goodness even if he's a pretty boy that he doesn't let it go to his head. He does care about his girlfriend Allie. Allie who he hasn't seen and when he does... She's just not like Olivia. Olivia is the girl next door by the way and I sort of thought right along with West that she might be a bit crazy and at one point trying to kill him. Seeing everything from his point I would feel that way about everyone. But she's a little bit special. She really wants him to stay and be friends with her. Her mother hardly ever comes over and her so called friends never come over so she acts jealous sometimes and angry at West but not in an irritating sort of way. She's just sad and you get that but she isn't a very mopey type like I explained before she acts... different. But that's good! It's always good.

There's this mystery with West and his nightmares. They all mean something even if you don't know it or think about it right away. It all concludes to this crazy ending yet kind of satisfying ending. I didn't even think about different possibilities as how the ending was going to be like or how the story is. It's caught me by surprise and I know I usually am but I do have some different ideas but I guess I was just going with the book and too mesmerized by it to think of anything else. It's an absolutely amazing read... it's just that it's sad... I kind of want a sequel but I know it's not going to happen. Sad to see the book go but happy I got to enjoy the ride.


  1. I have not heard of this one. The cover sure is interesting! I loved your review- because you said what you thought and you made the characters sounds so unique that I want to read it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I often just read along and not think too much about the ending and theories either, though I did have some suspicions for this one. I'm glad you enjoyed it too! :)

    1. Never had any suspicions myself and I'm glad I found someone who enjoyed the book as well (:


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