Courtney Crumrin: The Night Things Special Edition by Ted Naifeh

Release Date: April 11th 2012
Courtney Crumrin just moved into a new town with her parents in her Uncle Aloysius big spooky mansion where there are tales and rumors surrounded her uncle and what really goes on at his house. Courtney doesn't know what to really make of it she just knows that her uncle gives her the creeps. She is an instant outcast because of this and she's just an outcast herself. She isn't rich like the other kids and she doesn't suck up to them either.

She soon discovers that her new home and the woods around her new town are filled with many dark secrets and many dark creatures. Her Uncle has strange books around about the strange dark world and they form a bond because of their knowledge while her parents are the suck up types and have no clue what's going on.

Our young heroine Courtney has got gumption I'll give her that. The way she's drawn though... I don't know. I really feel like she needs a nose. But she grew on me. She goes out of her way to obtain control of the dark creatures. There are a couple in her room and I'm still wondering what they are for. I mean can she use them to do things? Why do they hang around her? The book is narrated by one of them which is a nice change of pace especially in a graphic novel like this. The book isn't ridiculously scary so it should be just fine for some kids. The heroine is in Junior High so... She is another one of those children who are the underdog. No one really pays attention to the quiet ones which is too bad if you don't want to be eaten by a goblin.

This is a special edition because it now comes in color so it must be very well liked which isn't surprising. I like horror books. Books with things that go bump in the night from time to time. I don't understand why how the only person who was paying any kind of good attention to her just disappears and there's no real mention of it anymore. That's pretty messed up how nobody cares and then there is this baby who gets taken away. She tried to get him back but the Uncle says that these things happen. His going to turn into a slave! So this isn't as you can tell a very happy touchy feely book. Courtney might not get a happy ending and if she does she's going to deal with a lot before she does. I just hope for her sake that she doesn't get eaten by an even larger smarter creature.


  1. I can see how the drawings would grow on you. Interesting that she doesn't have a nose! The story sounds good and entertaining. I like a good graphic novel. :)

    1. Awesome. Yes, the no nose thing was a weird situation for me (;


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