TBR Reads // Against the Currant

I completely forgot that this was chosen as my next TBR read so I will not have an accurate recording of what my TBR read amount was when I finished this book but I'll give it a shot. I think I had 535 on my tbr list at the end of reading this book. Somewhere around there.

Anyway, I am so happy that I've gotten to my fourth TBR Read. I haven't done it in a while and I need to get my tbr down. I keep on adding and subtracting books around the same rate so I always feel like I'm never reading from my list. 

I chose Against the Currant because I own it and I'm on the hunt for a cozy mystery series that I'll enjoy reading endlessly. They all look just so warm and inviting but I haven't found the one. Alas, after reading this book I am still on the hunt. Check out my review below to find out why.

In Olivia Matthews's Against the Currant, the first Spice Isle Bakery Mystery, investigating a murder was never supposed to be on the menu…

Little Caribbean, Brooklyn, New York: Lyndsay Murray is opening Spice Isle Bakery with her family, and it’s everything she’s ever wanted. The West Indian bakery is her way to give back to the community she loves, stay connected to her Grenadian roots, and work side-by-side with her family. The only thing getting a rise out of Lyndsay is Claudio Fabrizi, a disgruntled fellow bakery owner who does not want any competition.

On opening day, he comes into the bakery threatening to shut them down. Fed up, Lyndsay takes him to task in front of what seems to be the whole neighborhood. So when Claudio turns up dead a day later—murdered—Lyndsay is unfortunately the prime suspect. To get the scent of suspicion off her and her bakery, Lyndsay has to prove she’s innocent—under the watchful eyes of her overprotective brother, anxious parents, and meddlesome extended family—what could go wrong?

I loved reading about the Grenadian culture and food within these pages. Foodie books are the best but I've never encountered one that described Grenadian food so this was a real treat. Lyndsay may be shy and was formerly bullied growing up but I appreciated seeing her rise up and defend herself. I loved that she was into kickboxing, a sport I've always wanted to get into. The overprotective family honestly was really sweet. Her lawyer brother was the first to have her back and I loved him for it. Her grandma was fun to read about especially since she was so sassy!

I was looking to see if there was going to be a romance because there always is but if it's who I think it's with then no thanks. There is a young detective and his older partner who are looking at no one but her. I think she might go for the young detective or even the journalist (he would be better) but both seem a bit meh in light of how amazing Lyndsay was. 

The mystery itself was okay. I felt like there was a little too much talking rather than doing. I wish there were some more twists and heart-racing bits. The conclusion felt rushed which is what ultimately makes me not want to continue with the series. All the plot pieces connected but it wasn't executed to my liking. I mean there is potential in the series but it was a little too boring.

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