Reading Stats 2024 // Quarter #1

Image from Canva Magic Media

My goal this year is to basically chill out with my reading. I made my reading goal super low and I've already crushed it. I have been including picture books and early readers to my read list. I have read some books for challenges I've made for myself (for example reading ARCs and foodie reads). And I've read books based on my 2024 Reading List. There are some changes I want to make but so far I'm having fun.

From January - March I've Read

9,791 pages

13 Fantasy books

8 Romances

4 Mysteries

4 Nonfiction 

4 Contemporary

1 Horror

9 Picture Books

2 Early Readers

2 Graphic Novels

1 Manga

24 Physical Books

14 Audiobooks

3 Ebooks

41 Total Books Read

2024 Reading Goals

Foodies Reads Challenge - 2 books

ARCs - 2 books

I set my reading goal low at 36 books and I've already surpassed it. I don't want to jinx it but I might get to 120 books read this year. I just need to know when to binge read and when to take a break.

I've been reading some picture books here and there. I want to read about 15 more by next quarter. I would also like to read more early readers - about 10 before the next quarter. 

I am in the middle of a reading challenge that has me reading a few foodie books so I'm hoping to bump up my books read for the Foodie Reads Challenge. I would like to be at 6 books read by the end of the next quarter.

I've read 2 ARCs which is alright but I need to catch up. I will try to read 2 ARCs in May to get back to reading an ARC a month. 

I've been going with the flow as far as picking out books to read for a large majority of my reads which is really helping me be excited to read all the time. I've had some misses like rereading the Shatter Me series because it's just not good. But overall I am having a good time picking books I am in the mood for.

However, I do want to start doing more reading "challenges" for myself. I've been doing a lot of readathons but I want to have specific blog posts based on a theme like cozy mysteries or fairytale books, etc. My only thing is making sure I don't burn out. I have a lot of plans but I need to focus on them one at a time. 

Lastly, I wanted to point out my favorite books so far this year.

What has your reading been like so far this year?