Mindful Ramblings 005

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I had such a great reset two weeks ago but there's nothing like going back to work that'll hit you with reality. I still continued to do my workouts but, I would like to be more organized at work and roll with the punches. I'm feeling so much better overall since I've been exercising and eating more. I would like to incorporate that discipline into other areas of my life slowly but surely.

This past week I ran/jogged 0.35 miles in 4 min., 0.40 miles in 4 min. 32 sec., and 0.45 miles in 5 min. 16 seconds. I was really happy with how I did because usually when I start from scratch running/jogging for five minutes straight is several weeks into my program. It's been tough but it's worth it. This week I'll be doing three sessions of half miles which I'm thinking I'll be doing in a little over 6 miles. I've only run a mile straight once in my life and it was in like 12 min. 32 sec. so this tracks right. It's perfect because I had months of training doing that and I am ramping it up for this training. I can eventually significantly improve my mile time in the future.

As far as my Chloe Ting Get Peachy Challenge, I finished Day 10 today. I'm super impressed with myself. I've been waking up very early to get it done and I feel really good about myself before the day has started for most people. I'm feeling a lot stronger so I'm happy. As far as my calorie challenge, I am doing well. Only messed up one day. I might need to start eating 100 calories more but I am going for consistency right now and I don't want to bump everything up too early.

Last week I walked 56,643 steps! So I achieved my 56,000 steps goal. I've got to be careful and keep it to this amount of steps because I've been going on longer walks thanks to my coworkers and I'm trying to gain weight not lose it! 

I only read Agent 9: Flood-a-Geddon! last week. It was a really cute graphic novel for kids that I read from NetGalley. I haven't been into reading at all this month. I do have trouble focusing on personal goals and balancing work and home life when work gets too stressful. I'm planning on easing back into reading with maybe some audiobooks but I'm not going to force myself. I might just set myself a short page goal everyday and I am sure if I get the right book that'll kick up my reading again.

Next up I'm thinking of reading North by Scott Jurek. Since I've been into running again it's made me obsessed with videos on running and exercising so I'm sure I'll be able to get into it easily. I'm also starting Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer. Me and my mom finally gave up on our last book club book and are picking up this nice light YA book.

This week I am planning on writing a post on the Top 5 books I want to read in April, Quarterly Reading Stats, and another Mindful Ramblings. Last week I wrote my fourth Mindful Ramblings, my review of Agent 9: Flood-a-Geddon!, and a my fitness goals

This week I am featuring the artist Clint Cearley. I love how badass his characters look. He even did the cover design for a middle grade book called Titans: The Missing by Kate O'Hearn which you can see below.

How was your week? 
Do you have any goals you are looking to accomplish?


  1. Great job with all of your fitness goals. I'm trying to lose weight, and just be healthier in general. I feel like I'm mostly on the right path but it'll take awhile and some more changes for sure.


    1. I feel the same. I wish it was always an upward path but it's a bumpy road to being healthier and more fit.


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