Challenging Myself Through Fitness

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So I've been working out and even waking up early to do so. I'm writing this on 3/21/2021 and I wanted to have a record of my fitness and health plan so I have it all in one place. I plan to write how I am doing every week on my Mindful Ramblings post. Wish me luck!

Running/Jogging Plan

Note: I'm planning on running/jogging incrementally. I'll be walking five minutes then starting my run. In the beginning I'll be walking about a mile or two more after every run to build endurance.

Week 1
Session 1: 0.25 miles
Session 2: 0.30 miles

Week 2
Session 1: 0.35 miles
Session 2: 0.40 miles
Session 3: 0.45 miles

Week 3
Session 1: 0.50 miles
Session 2: 0.50 miles
Session 3: 0.50 miles

Week 4
Session 1: 0.60 miles
Session 2: 0.75 miles
Session 3: 0.75 miles

Week 5
Session 1: 0.85 miles
Session 2: 1 mile
Session 3: 1 mile

Week 6
Session 1: 1 mile
Session 2: 1.15 miles
Session 3: 1.25 miles

Week 7
Session 1: 1.35 miles
Session 2: 1.5 miles
Session 3: 1.5 miles

Week 8
Session 1: 1.5 miles
Session 2: 1.65 miles
Session 3: 1.75 miles

Week 9
Session 1: 1.75 miles
Session 2: 1.85 miles
Session 3: 2 miles

Week 10
Session 1: 2 miles
Session 2: 2.15 miles
Session 3: 2.25 miles

Week 11
Session 1: 2.25 miles
Session 2: 2.35 miles
Session 3: 2.5 miles

Week 12
Session 1: 2.5 miles
Session 2: 2.65 miles
Session 3: 2.75 miles

Week 13
Session 1: 2.75 miles
Session 2: 2.85 miles
Session 3: 3.1 miles (race day!)

Strength Training Plan

March - April
Chloe Ting's Get Peachy Challenge (28 days)

April - May
Chloe Ting Challenge of Choice AND/OR Push Up Challenge

Note: I really like Chloe Ting's exercises but I really want to challenge myself to finally do a proper pushup. If I can do both that's great because I don't want to lose my overall fitness.

May - June
Chloe Ting Challenge of Choice AND/OR Strength Training Challenge

Note: The strength training challenge I have planned is mostly to do with adding more weights to my exercises. I'll probably adapt this as I get closer to the month. I might even do yoga for 30 days.

Step Challenge

I find the whole 10,000 steps a day a bit unrealistic and too much for me. I'll be running some days so I might make it to 10,000 those days but I might not on the other days. I want to reach 56,000 steps a week which is an average of 8,000 steps a day.

Calorie Challenge

I am trying to hit a set number of calories everyday. I am terrible at eating enough so with all this exercising I need to eat more to keep going. I'd love to keep this up so I can eventually gain weight. I'd love to gain at least two pounds from now until my race day. If I don't I at least want to maintain my weight and eat enough food everyday.

Mental Health

I've started listening to meditation music to calm myself. I sometimes skip days or never use the music properly which is to meditate. I'd like to keep track of the days I use my meditation app. My goal is to slowly build up to using the app at least five days a week.

Health of My Soul

I've been praying a lot lately and I want to keep it up. My goal is to either pray regularly, pray the rosary, or read the Bible everyday. Praying has really helped me feel better so this is very important for my overall health.

Do you have any current fitness goals? 

Let me know how it's going!


  1. This looks like such a well-thought-out plan! Good luck with all of your goals! I've been trying to lose weight for a few months, and so far I'm down 10 pounds!


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