Mindful Ramblings 003

Image by Tessa Wilson

This week has been utterly crazy. I've gotten the best news I've had in a while. If I'm able to pull it off then I will be 100% more happier. If I don't I'll be crushed. I've got to shake off the nervousness, survive my work week, and work hard so my life can change for the better. Very ominous but I don't want to jinx anything.

Last week I finally sewed! And it came out awfully lol. I need to figure out how to sew in a straight line, sew edges, and not get my thread all jumbled together. Honestly, there is no way I'm sewing this week. There's just too much to do and too much to prepare. My main focus this upcoming week is first of all survival and second of all practice, practice, and more practice. I've got to be as close to perfect as possible.

Last week I walked less than ever! I'm actually pretty confused why Fitbit breaks up the week differently when they send you a notification on your e-mail so I am going by how I did last week from Sunday to Saturday which I did 37,160 steps. The week prior was actually 45,789 steps. You can imagine how this week is going. But, if I play it right I can beat my 37,000 steps from last week. I'm just so stressed out... 

I don't think I know what sizing down my reading means. I could only focus on one book and I will only be finishing that one book. Next week I have to really downsize my reading since I'll be so busy. I'll be focusing on reading my book club book which I am really behind on called the 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and The Rural Diaries by Hilarie Burton Morgan. These books will be there for me when I need to relax.

Last week I started reading Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev which is a book I haven't read in ten years. That's probably why I don't remember these weird moments that shouldn't be in YA. But it's fast and mind numbing fun. I'm half way through and I'm curious how she's going to pull everything off and who her mother is. I should be done today but we will see.

This week I am planning on writing a review of my mother daughter book club pick last month called When You See Me by Lisa Gardner, What I Can't Wait to Read, and a Mindful Ramblings. I really want to try to write one more post every week but there are too many things going on right now. Last week I wrote my second Mindful Ramblings, Top 5 Books I Want to Read in March 2021, and a review for Remote Control.

This week the artist I am featuring is a picture book author and illustrator who's illustrations are super cute. She recently wrote and illustrated Ella's Night Lights. The artist is Lucy Fleming.

How was your week? 
What are your plans for next week?


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