Quarterly Reading Stats (October - December 2020)

Image by Daria Khoroshavina

My last quarterly reading stats of this year! I am pretty happy about starting to do wrap-ups/reading stats every quarter rather than every month. It's made it so much more interesting to look back at all the books I've read. I've been more interested than ever in sci-fi, horror, and mysteries. Some of which you can see in my reading and some of which you'll see in my reading next year. I read a lot of this one manga this year that I would like to do a post about so we'll see. In December I was determined to read cozy books and I was successful. I found a new series that I must read all the books of. I'm happy with my reading even if I read less than last year. I'm very excited about what the new year holds. But first, let's talk about my reading stats for this last quarter.

I read 19 books from October - December.

This is such a skewed rating chart. I read a bunch of manga which if I enjoy I rate highly. There was also one picture book that I gave five stars. I rate manga and picture books differently. But I still had a lovely reading time. Lots of cozy and amazing reads.

I read a majority of YA because of the seven manga I read this quarter. If I didn't then I read 5 YA novels and 5 Adult books. But who knows what I would have added to take place of the manga? I'm okay with it but it's good to know that in my journey to read more adult books I might always have a little more of a skew towards YA because of manga. I guess that means I need to read more adult books! I also consider Little Women middle grade because I put picture books and readers mostly in the children's category. If I read a 777 page book. I will consider it middle grade if I want. And it checks out with the age range.

I didn't have as many varied genres as last month because again, I read a bunch of manga. But I always lean towards more fantasy anyway. I'm glad I continued on with reading sci-fi this past quarter and I even added historical fiction into the mix. Miraculously one of the books I read is a classic which is a genre I have to be dying to read the book for me to read it. I'd like a lot more variety of genres next quarter. I'm determined to read more than just fantasy and contemporary. It is a shock that I read more sci-fi then I did contemporary but I'm not complaining.

Surprise, surprise I read more male authors this quarter (I am not being sarcastic). I'm sure you have guessed why. Manga. I want to continue to track the gender of the author either here or on my own. I want to read more male authors because reading more female means I'm reading more YA. And I want to give more authors a shot a wowing me.

Now to my favorite books of this quarter. My copy of Little Women contained both books 1 and 2 and wow did it take forever to read. I was simultaneously annoyed by its slow pace but also loved all the stories within the chapters of this book. I really loved all the girls and their journeys and Laurie as well. I teared up quite a bit at the end. I do not like who Jo ended up with but I don't think I'm in the minority with that thought. Overall, wow. I understand why it is a classic. Aurora Rising was a huge surprise. A band of misfits with the ultimate friendship group. Things get crazy in this book and it was such a surprisingly wonderful book that I asked for it for Christmas as well as its sequel. I wish I could properly tell you how much I love this book but it has mystery, space, strong friendships, twists, adventure, danger, and a splash of romance. It's so good! Lastly is Hakumei and Mikochi which after reading the first book, I promptly read the rest of the series I could get my hands on. Such a warm and cozy series that focuses on friendship, food, sewing/fashion, slice of life events, and making things. If you do like slice of life stories and manga this one is perfect for you.

What is a book that pleasantly surprised you recently?