Favorite Books of 2020

I love when people talk about their favorite books of the year. You know they have to narrow it down and choose the best ones. Those are the best recommendations you can have! So I've picked 15 books out of the 113 I've read this year to show you all. The order I have them is based only on when I read them. Enjoy!

Witch Hat Atelier has a magic system based on drawing which I think is a brilliant idea. The artwork is absolutely amazing. The main characters are young girls and their teachers. I love the villains and the mystery behind the plot that drives it forward. I'm a character-focused reader so the love I have for Coco, Agott, and Richeh, in particular, is real. I credit Witch Hat Atelier for getting me really into manga again this year.

I went on a historical romance binge early on in the year. A genre I have not read before. I'm very picky about my romance which is something I discovered this year in particular with adult books. The characters have to fall in love with each other slowly. And this misunderstanding at the beginning of the story was just the ticket. I absolutely love Sophie and King together. One tells someone who wronged her sister off in front of a lot of high society people and the other is supposedly a rogue who sleeps around. This is an all-around favorite since I consider it a favorite of all time. I have plans to reread it in the new year once again because it is so good. The Rogue Not Taken was the best romance I read all year.

Taking a complete departure from the last book on this list, The Other was a favorite horror of mine. It's a classic horror actually. I don't like gore or unnecessary disgusting moments in my horror books. I like the ones that mess with your mind. The Other is a quiet book about two twins. One good, one bad. I felt completely immersed in the setting that Tryon described. It was the perfect spooky and dark story.

I can't stop thinking about The Clergyman's Wife. That ending. That ending. This was such a surprise favorite of mine. Well, a bunch of them are. But this is a Pride and Prejudice retelling featuring Charlotte, Elizebeth Bennet's best friend. I couldn't care less about Charlotte until I read this book. A lovely, quiet, and reflective read. Pure brilliance.

Stand Up, Yumi Chung was one of the most hyped middle grade books of the year and for good reason. I really love books that focus on character flaws and character growth. Yumi is lying to her parents and a lot of other people in order to try to get better at her craft which is comedy. What an interesting topic to focus on for a middle grade book. I really enjoyed the family dynamics as well. I thought Yumi was a wonderful character to follow along with especially since she's shy and wants to do comedy. I have a soft spot in my heart for shy girls. A wonderful story all around.

If you want to laugh, pick up Giant Days. It features three women in college dealing with exams and weird situations. Goth and peppy Esther is my soulmate. I absolutely love her and want her as my best friend. Susan is this serious and hilarious sarcastic soul. Daisy is a sweetheart and we all must protect her. Such a good time.

This is one of my most frustrating favorites of 2020. I just can't get it out of my head. The reality behind what these girls faced is terrifying. The research done by the author was basically like institutions that these girls were in were still around in the 2000's. Wow, great job world. Basically, this is a group of misfits (or degenerates) who are institutionalized and basically seen as idiots. The girl with the actual mental disability is a lot more caring and smarter than the nurses and doctors she was around. The other characters featured two gay girls, one with a club foot and a pregnant orphan. The Degenerates is a fantastically underrated YA.

I did a whole series of discussions on Tigers, Not Daughters as it was revealing itself to be a favorite of mine. Oh, so good. I understood these girls. I felt very seen. I can not praise this book highly enough and it's hard to formulate the words but an absolutely incredible story focusing on sisters, not letting others get you down, and finding strength within yourself.

American as Paneer Pie is criminally underrated. Please, read this book. Please, read all the books on this list but please, read this book. It has a shy main character standing up for herself. She's a minority in her school and is bullied for her family's differences in culture. It's such a perfect book. Like beyond perfect.

My descent into adult sci-fi started with Gemsigns which is the best choice I could have made. Such an intelligently written story that centers really on morals and hypocrisy. I am so surprised by how much I loved this book because it's written in a way that seems a little too sci-fi if you know what I mean but it ends up being easily digestible and a page-turner. If you like the premise of this one and want to try out adult sci-fi or if you love sci-fi I would give this one a chance.

The only nonfiction book on this list but a pretty great one. I love self-improvement books. I always like to try to be better so this one was perfect for me. Atomic Habits had great tips and examples on how to actually keep habits. I've actually been wanting to read it again and take notes this time so I can properly use the ideas in this book for myself. I've never nodded my head along with a book and said uh-huh or hmmm so much than with this book. I think it's fantastic and something I need to implement in my day to day.

After years of hearing about this book, I finally give All Systems Red a chance and it was more than I could have hoped for. The sympathy you will have for a characterization of a robot is something I've never experienced before. This is a robot that has his own feelings and thoughts about the world. He also doesn't like people looking at him which made me want to protect him. He's also very protective even if he comes off as lazy. He's more bored than anything but still. He's perfect and I love him. I need to read more of his story and I'm glad I finally got on the hype train.

My love for Aurora Rising knows no bounds. I love this rag tag group of misfits. So much mystery, adventure, danger, personalities, twists that actually shock you, and a cute romance arc - this book was all I've never known I wanted. Seriously. This year was basically showing me all I have been missing with sci-fi which I did love as a teen. I've read so many dystopians, you don't even know. But space books are where it's at.

Hakumei and Mikochi was another manga discovery this year that made me question why I was falling asleep on manga. The coziest sweetest and most wholesome manga ever. I can't tell you how much I love these two friends and their adventures, interests, and all the friends they make. A perfect series with perfect characters.

It took 27 days to read this behemoth 777 page book that comes with 2 books in 1. I hated how slowly I was reading it but also loved all the chapters. I know Meg isn't seen as an interesting character but I liked hers and all of the characters' perspectives. I only didn't like Jo and the professor but Amy and Laurie made me happy. A classic for a reason. Little Women was a book I never expected to read this year but I am so happy I did. So many great lessons and quotes to take away. It makes you think about what is really important in life.

What are your favorite books of the year?


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