Quarterly Reading Stats (July - September 2020)

This has been such a season of change. So many changes happening to me personally so it's been tough trying to get used to them. This Summer was a time where I committed to trying to read books with diverse characters. The majority of my books were diverse. I read a new favorite thanks to my Hispanic Book Discussions which I am currently doing every two months. I'm already thinking about what I want to read for next year so I am slowly going to incorporate more diverse characters into my reading by seeking those books out. I have been very picky about what I've been reading as of late so if you know any must-read books especially with Hispanic main characters, let me know!

I read 24 books from July - September.

I've read more four stars than any other rating like last quarter. There's less percentage of 4 stars and 3 stars but my 2 stars and 5 star ratings have gone up. I need to become pickier and DNF more books which I have been doing lately. There are only so many books I can read in a year and I want to go for the best. I'm really happy I still haven't given out a 1 star which is reserved for books I viscerally didn't like at all.

I'm kind of disappointed that my Adult vs. Young Adult percentage wasn't more similar. I am part of a YA group in my library so I have been reading more YA to recommend to said group. However, I am trying to read more adult fantasy, science fiction, and horror as of late so maybe this will change in the future. I read a ton of middle grade which I'm not mad about because they are always so nice to read even if they have a tough subject along with them.

I had to add a category of magical realism to my list of genres because I read like three of them. Lots of Latino authors are known for writing magical realism so it makes sense. I'm very happy with my more adventurous spread of genres. Usually contemporary and fantasy completely takes over (which it has) but there is still a good amount of other genres in my reading. I need to keep up with trying to read more than one book per genre to spice up my reading.

Last quarter I was thinking of getting rid of this chart but now that I am slowly changing up my reading I want to see how it changes. It's basically the same as always this time around. I don't know when I'll ever read less YA but I would hope my reading changes as I grow older. Who knows? Maybe I still read a bunch of adult sci-fi or fantasy by women authors and this chart never changes?

My goodness American as Paneer Pie was beyond amazing. I don't usually like anything political in my books (I hate it in fact) but this was done so well that I have to give it props. There was also the fact that Lekha, our main character, is a shy girl that stands up for herself. As a fellow shy person, I greatly related to her. Gemsigns was so intelligent and interesting and totally unexpected. The plot sucked me in. And the thing is I would have never have discovered this if it weren't for this experiment I was doing with my reading which I will hopefully be talking about later this month. The Degenerates was one of the most anxiety-inducing books I've read in a while. I was so worried something would happen to the girls that I put down the book for days and days. I eventually finished it, didn't love the ending, but I can't stop thinking about it. The author's note at the end is shocking. The way we have treated people who are different in this world is a crying shame. And I think everyone and their mother knows I absolutely loved Tigers, Not Daughters. I analyzed all the chapters and reviewed it glowingly. 

Looking back at this quarter gives me hope for my reading during this Fall season. I've had it a bit rough at work. I haven't been reading lately and really everything has very up and down for me for the past three years. I've not felt great for a while now. As I write this I have just turned twenty-seven and I am feeling hopeful again. I've made some changes in my life to ensure I am a bit happier. I am positive about the future. I won't let anyone ruin my love of books, not even me. I am rambling but I've been thinking a lot so ignore me lol. Hope you all have had a nice reading season.

What books have you fallen in love with?


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