Predicting Books I "Should" Love

I made a post called Analyzing My Reading // What I Love in Books which went in depth with the themes I love in the books I read. And I was wondering... Could I predict books I will absolutely love based on my analysis? How would I go about this? Is this the best idea I've ever had? Let's find out!

If I look at all my all time favorite books there's a good amount of them that have multiple themes and some only feature one. But if I focused on getting multiple themes (who knows if I can recognize them all from a summary) from one book maybe those books will be all time favorites or at least I will love them.

My goal in this process is to pick the books on my top theme list (11+ books read). If it has one that I considered piqued my interest (10 - 5 books read) that would be nice but my focus is on the top themes. I'm going to pick a theme and find books that seem interesting. Goodreads lists are going to paramount to my success. 

Later on... I've quickly discovered that Goodreads lists are good but my library's online catalog is better. I've been just typing in tags like family life, fairy tale, paranormal, etc. and finding books like that. Also, my own tbr list on Goodreads ended up being very helpful. I was able to identify fifteen books with three themes I love in books and one with two themes that I added in because the premise sounds so interesting. The order below is based on when I discovered a book fits. I added books I've read before to make this list aesthetically pleasing. You'll understand when you look down below.

 +  +  = 
                    Food + Reflection + Unlikely Romance = Saturday Night Supper Club 

The plot centers around a journalist who basically destroys another person's life. She gets pushed out of the business because of this smear campaign. The journalist never wanted that to happen so he's helping the main character out to revive her restaurant... and they fall in love. This is also a Christian Romance which I did not expect but I'm interested nonetheless.    

 +  +  = 
Death/Grief + Family + Unlikely Romance = Little Women

One of the top books I want to read this year is apparently perfect for me. We all know what Little Women is about. I'm definitely planning on reading this and I plan on being filled with joy and tears.

 +  +  = 
Cultural Perspective + Food + Death/Grief = The Last Chinese Chef

I've never heard of The Last Chinese Chef. This widow goes to meet her late husband's brother in Beijing. There she learns of the high culinary culture in China and becomes transformed by this chef she profiles in Beijing and his family. It sounds like a story filled with food, family, and healing.

 +  +  = 
Death/Grief + Small Town + Family = Break in Case of Emergency

I've never heard of this one. It has a main character who's father left her and her mother committed suicide years ago. She's trying not to end up like her mom but then her dad comes along and things get complicated. I'm very curious about this one.

 +  +  = 
Sports + Paranormal + Reflection = The Beckoning Shadow

I just needed a fighter girl on here. This features a girl with powers and a former MMA fighter. Mistakes were made and there was a tragedy. I'm intrigued.

 +  +  = 
Disability Representation + Paranormal + Supernatural = Storm and Fury

Storm and Fury got my attention when I read that the main character is slowly becoming blind which apparently the author is too. There's also gargoyles and demons. It just sounds like a weird mesh of things that I would like.

 +  +  = 
Sports + Culture + Family = Gravity

I needed to get another sports book featuring a fighting girl on this list. Gravity has this teen boxer who wants to make it to the Olympics with a gym whose patrons become a family. Love to see it.

 +  = 
Survival/Nature + Family = Last Girls

This is the only book I added here that has only two favorite themes but I finally read this summary after seeing it around and it sounds so good. It's these three sisters who survive out in the wilderness and there is some danger afoot. Sounds good to me.

 +  +  = 
Sports + Will Make Me Cry + Family = The Looking Glass

This one is very interesting. It's another book I've never heard of. It has this girl whose sister has gone missing and she's determined to find her.

 +  = 
Cultural Perspective + Disability + Family = Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish

I was planning on reading this for a readathon but never got the chance. Marcus doesn't speak Spanish and generally doesn't feel like he fits into his family or at school. Meanwhile, he's devoted to taking care of his brother who has down syndrome. I don't speak Spanish so I understand his feeling of not fitting into his culture/family. I think this is a very me book.

 +  +  = 
Family + Will Make Me Cry + Small Town = Blue Skies

Blue Skies is on my tbr list. It's this small middle grade historical fiction where this girl's father hasn't come back from the war but she believes he will. I can pretty much guarantee this will make me cry.

 +  +  = 
Small Town + Will Make Me Cry + Disability Representation = I'll Meet You There

I'll Meet You There is on my tbr list and I've been wanting to read it all year. It features a small town girl who wants out and a disabled vet who both fall in love. Sounds perfect.

 +  +  = 
Food + Small Town + Family = The Secret to Hummingbird Cake

The Secret to Hummingbird Cake is on my tbr list. It has this Southern small town feel with promises of dessert description throughout. 

 +  +  = 
Dystopian + Family + Survival = War Girls

War Girls is on my tbr. It is set in a dystopian world set in space after Earth becomes unlivable. I would be most interested in the storyline following the two sisters who will do anything to survive together.

 +  +  = 
Family + Nature + Cultural Perspective = The Brave

The Brave is on my TBR list. It features a boy with OCD who goes to live with the mom he's never known on a reservation. I read in reviews that he connects with nature and that he learns about his culture in the Ojibwe tribe. I'm really excited to read an ownvoices book featuring a Native American. I think I'm going to enjoy the main character connecting with his culture, nature, and his mom.

 +  +  = 
Family + Retelling + Disability Representation = Stepsister

Stepsister follows along Isabelle, an ugly stepsister, who cut off her toes to fit her foot into a glass slipper. Unfortunately for her, she gets found out and her life doesn't turn out like she ever planned it to be. It's the only retelling I could find that fit my other favorite themes and that I'm genuinely interested in. Interested in the discussion of beauty standards and fitting in.

What do you think about these selections? Have you read any of them? 
Have you loved any of them? Let me know!


  1. This is fun. I actually have Last Girls to hopefully read soon!!!



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