May 2020 TBR // Disney Read-A-Long Round 3

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It's May! Such a strange feeling to be in the month of May. I found a read-a-long centered around Disney that's happening this month. This is the third round of this read-a-long which is basically a readathon. There are five prompts and a movie that has been chosen for everyone to watch. This time around it's Hercules. The read-a-long is happening from May 10th-16th and it is hosted by Tiny Book Dragon.

I'm going to be more reasonable for my reading in May. I planned on trying to read 23 books but my reading plummeted from 18 read in March to 12 in April. I'm going for 14 books this month. April just felt like a weird month. I will be working at home/at work/at another library branch for the foreseeable future. The library isn't opening to the public but we are doing curbside pickup so that will be interesting. I have no idea when things will be going back to normal but I'm going to try to take advantage of this time to read more.

The first prompt for the Disney Read-a-Long is Onward: Read a book with a magical creature or being. I chose A Natural History of Dragons. The way the synopsis is described, it sounds like a book you could find in the Hogwarts Library. It is a historical fiction as well as a fantasy. I'm very interested in this approach to learning about dragons than dragons themselves. I'm not one of those readers who pick up a book just because it has dragons but an interesting plot to go along with dragons is right up my alley.

The second prompt is Frozen II: Read a Sequel. I finally reread Hex Hall last month (after more than eight years!) and I had such a fun time. I didn't remember how funny Sophie was. I know I'll enjoy Demonglass. It's a fast paced series so I'm sure it'll take me only a day to read it. 

Here's to me following through with continuing a series!

The third prompt is The Great Mouse Detective: Read a mystery/thriller. This is the one Disney movie out of this list of prompts I want to watch during this read-a-long. I might have watched it as a kid but even if I did, I don't remember. I want to read Before Familiar Woods because of something I'm doing for work. I also have had my eye on it. It has elements of family, kidnapping, death, and grief that I'm curious about. I haven't seen anyone talking about it so I thought I would give it a chance.

The fourth prompt is Lady and the Tramp: Read a book with a romance. Most of everything I read has romance but I chose I'll Meet You There because I've been wanting to read it and even put it on past tbr's but I haven't been prioritizing it. It centers around a girl who wants to get out of her small town. I love books with small towns so I just know I'll like this.

The last prompt is based on a song from Mary Poppins Returns called A Cover is not the Book. It's basically judging a book by its cover. You can read a book based on a pretty cover but not knowing what it is about (which is what I'm doing) or read a book that has interesting story but not a pretty cover. Nightlights is by an artist whose work I've enjoyed in the past. I remember her talking about her graphic novel coming out somewhere years ago but I can't recall what it's about. Lorena Alvarez is talented so I'm thinking I'll like this story.

I think I've put A Little Hatred in most if not all my tbr's this year. I will continue to do so until I've read the darn thing. I should have read it right away. I'm still interested in the plot. I just need a push... and a more reasonable tbr to help me to finally get started with this adult fantasy.

Another book I didn't get to last month, Red Hood, is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling. I've just finished a YA retelling so I'm looking forward to reading more.

A Nearly Normal Family is the second book I'm reading for work. It's a thriller where a family is protecting their daughter after she's been accused of murder. I'd never heard of this one before but I'm super excited to read something I don't usually read.

I've recently learned about so many new and upcoming middle grade books coming out as well as other that have flown under my radar. Stand Up, Yumi Chung recently released and I'm motivated to read some middle grade.

The Sugar Queen is the third book I'm reading for work. I've seen this book cover around Goodreads for years. It's set in the South and the main character loves sweets and paperback romances. I would have never picked up this book if I didn't take a look at the summary. 

The Escape Room is the last book I'm reading for work. It also makes three adult thrillers which I don't know if I've read more than two adult thrillers in my life... It surrounds this corporate team building exercise that has competitive coworkers trying to escape an elevator when it suddenly turns deadly. I don't care much for Wall Street and elevators freak me out but it's a thriller so I'm ready to be scared.

Harley in the Sky is a Romeo and Juliet circus themed story from my understanding. No one seems to be talking about this but I think I'll love it.

738 Days is the life after being kidnapped story I've been clearly wanting to read this whole year and I'm expecting good things.

The June Boys is also about kidnapping. If anyone needs any kidnapping recommendations apparently you can come to me.

How have you been during this strange time in our lives? Have you been reading like mad or not at all?


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