April 2020 Reading Wrap-Up & Stats

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I had so many reading plans for April and I met only a few of them. I read 12 books out of the 23 I wanted to read so... yeah. I completed my O.W.L.'s for becoming a Trader of Magical Tomes though which was my main reading plan. I also had so many plans for the blog but April was such a strange month for me. I think not having a set schedule for work has messed with my mind set. I could not fall asleep until 5 a.m. last night so I need to set up a schedule of sleep, exercise, and daily activities this weekend before I start working part time at the library on Monday. Otherwise I had a pretty good reading month. I read a few stand out books along with a few disappointing reads. I finally read a classic too. I'm looking forward to what May has in store for me.

I went a little crazy and removed most of my books on my Goodreads tbr. I'm down from 257 last month to 76 this month. I got tired of having so many options and books I knew I wasn't going to read this year on that list. I wrote down a few that I may or may not read next year but my tbr currently are all the books I plan on reading this year. I think I'm going to do that every year. I am a mood reader so I may pick a few up that I didn't plan to read before but I still finally have a perfectly concise list of books I want to read this year. I'll only add books to my tbr if I plan on reading a book during the current month or the month coming up. You don't know how oddly happy I am to not think about books I have had on my list for ages. I can focus on one year at a time. *Sigh*

Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening ★★★ - Interesting concept that could have been executed better.

Prosper's Demon ★★★ - Clever little story. It took a little to get into but once I recognized the dynamic between Prosper and his demon, the story got real interesting.

Sadie ★★★★★ - Thrilling and nerve racking especially as an audiobook. Highly Recommended!

How to Catch a Mole: And Find Yourself in Nature ★★★ - A quiet, wandering sort of a book on a man reflecting on his life in nature and killing moles. An interesting perspective I wouldn't have ever thought of to be interested in before.

Made Things ★★★★ - The thought of creatures like The Littles coming to life was all I needed to love this book.

The Other ★★★★ - A spooky atmospheric horror book with oh so many deaths.

Hex Hall ★★★★ - (Reread) - I haven't read this in eight years so the funny MC and surprise at the end was such a delight.

The Clergyman's Wife: A Pride & Prejudice Novel ★★★★★ - An unexpected, brilliant novel. Highly Recommended especially if you love Pride & Prejudice!

Charlotte's Web ★★★★ - More profound and funny than I was expecting.

I Wish for You ★★ - (Reread) I loved this book five years back, but the MC was terrible to the love interest and just not a good person.

Dorothy Must Die ★★★ - Loved Amy Gumm, Dorothy being a villain, and going back to Oz. I ignored the silly romance and would have liked a little more substance with individuals like I found with Amy.

Reading Stats

Favorite Book of the Month: The Clergyman's Wife

Worst Book of the Month: I Wish For You

Most Disappointing Book of the Month: Monstress

Books Read: 12

Pages Read: 3,070

Genres Read: 1 classic, 1 historical fiction, 1 mystery/thriller, 1 romance, 2 horror, 2 nonfiction, and 4 fantasies.

Author: 7 female authors and 5 male authors.

Age Range: 8 adult books, 3 YA books, and 1 children's book.

I read 12 books this past month which is below what I should be reading to get to my secret goal of 175 books. I am still 8 books ahead for my current goal of 139 books. I read a good amount of male authors this month. I finally read a classic which is huge for me. Problem is that I'm not interested in reading more classics other than Little Women so I might abandon that goal. I finally started reading the Hex Hall series which seems like a miracle and I'm going to try to finish the series by the end of summer. I've read one more horror book this month finally. I read two nonfiction books that were not on my must read list but I've thrown that list out the window. I only have two more nonfiction books left to reach my goal. My plan for May is to read a bunch of must read fiction books on my list, continue a series, and review at least two backlisted ARCs.

How has your reading been going lately? 
Have you read any of these books?


  1. The Clergyman's Wife was such a good read! I enjoy P&P retellings.


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