2020 Reading Goals

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I've never felt more focused and ready for my reading goals than I have this year. I'm very excited to tackle my goals. I've even created folders on Goodreads to help me keep track. Once I've read a book it goes off the list so I can see how many books I have left to read per goal. I've added a few more goals than I was expecting since I've analyzed my 2019 reading. I'm very organized though so I'm confident I'll be able to get to my goals.

Finish Series

Since I started really getting into reading in high school I have for some reason started series, that I am interested in continuing, and stopped reading them. I have more than ten series that I have yet to finish. This is the year I want to get my number of series I have yet to finish down. I'm going to participate in possibly the only yearly challenge I'll be doing this year called Finishing The Series. I plan on reading at least ten series. I plan on binge reading most of the series to make it more fun. I haven't binge read a series in forever. Here are some of the series I plan to read:

You can see more of the series I plan to finish on my Series I Want to Finish in 2020 post.

Read more classics

I got interested in classics thanks to Books and Things. I thought I would challenge myself to read classics that I am truly interested in. There's a few I'm planning to read for specific personal reading challenges but here are a couple of others that I want to read as well:

Little Women - The Fellowship of the Ring - Nana - Miss Mackenzie

My goal is to beat my number of 2019 classics read which was only two. My stretch goal is to read ten classics.

Read more horror

Watching The Haunting of Hill House and then reading Shirley Jackson's books last year just made me fall in love with horror. I also watched some horror movies with my family that I enjoyed. The majority of the horror books are going to be from reading the Tokyo Ghoul series but I also have some others I am interested in including:

I read four horror books this past year so I want to double my horror books and read at least eight. I plan on reading the Tokyo Ghoul series so keeping that in mind, my stretch goal is twenty horror books in 2020.

Read more nonfiction

Abookolive made me fall in love with wanting to read nonfiction. Mainly nonfiction featuring animals and other science based topics. There are so many nonfiction books that I am dying to read! I tend to read some memoirs throughout the year but I usually never read anything other than memoirs in the nonfiction category. I'm excited to venture out with my reading.

I read 10 nonfiction books last year. I would love to read 12 nonfiction books in 2020. My stretch goal is 15 books which I think I can do because there are some shorter nature books I've been seeing at the library that I have my eye on.

Read and review backlisted ARCs

I have an embarrassing amount of ARCs that I have yet to read and review from years ago. YEARS AGO. I'm tired of them staring at me. Judging me. I want to read and review most if not all my backlisted ARCs. I'm not going to post any of the covers because they drive me insane just looking at them.

Read from my backlisted TBR

I have books on my Goodreads TBR from 2012. Not good. I have some that work for other challenges so I should be able to get through them easily. I want to get all the 2012 books off there either read or DNF. There are 16 from that list. I want to read a few others from my backlisted list in general but I don't have a set goal for those.

Read must reads

I tend to ignore or skip over books I'm dying to read. I don't know why I do that to myself. They should be the priority. I have over twenty books that I need to read in 2020. I created a list of my 2020 Must Reads that you can take a look at here. Below are a few of those books from that list.

Read books on my shelf

I also tend to ignore books on my shelf. I think I have about thirty to forty books I have yet to read on my bookshelves. I want to try to read at least twelve. Lots of the books I have work for other challenges so I think this is doable.

Read more male authors

My stats revealed to me that I didn't successfully read more male authors like I wanted to last year. I read 38 which isn't bad but I think I can do better. My goal is to read 60 books by male authors. I'm planning on reading 175 books so that's a reasonable amount.

Explore the sci-fi genre

Another thing my stats post revealed was that I didn't read much sci-fi. I want to read adult sci-fi for once in my life. The only sci-fi I read are YA dystopian and that's limiting myself. My goal is to really find books that I wouldn't normally read but I think I might enjoy in this genre.

Read more adult and middle grade books

The last goal I added from my stats list is to read more adult and middle grade books. These last two years I've been more interested in actually reading books targeted at my age. I read 28 adult books last years and I want to try to get to 50. I'm interested in adult fantasy now so I'm going to seek those books out to complete my goal. I only read fourteen middle grade books. I really just want my percentage of middle grade books to be higher than children's books. If I can do that I'll be happy.

My One Blogging Goal

I want to end this post with my one blogging goal. I have a thing where I am so concerned about not responding to comments. I am so weird about it that if I haven't responded to all the comments left on the blog then I just slowly post less until I stop posting. Also, when life gets annoying that internal pressure makes me not want to post even more. So, Adriana, you will stop pressuring yourself. You will eventually get to the comments. Stop being a weirdo. It's not a big deal. I need to write this down and tape it on my bedroom door so I don't forget!

Do you have any reading goals for the new year?
Do any of these goals match up with yours?


  1. These are great goals! I have a really bad habit of starting series and not finishing them.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm the same. I want to actively continue series if I start them. There is a crazy amount of series I've started and really want to finish.

  2. I don't have any real goals but I would like to read more classics and more translated novels, as well as find some good Australian authors.

    1. I read a few translated novels last year. It was the first time I did so. The only Aussie author I know is Cath Crowley.


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