Series I Want to Finish in 2020

I've done a recent post about what series I want to start in 2020. Now here's my list of books I want to finish in 2020. There are series on here that I started as a child. Some of these series should have been read five, ten, and more years ago. It's time. I'm going to be taking part in the Finishing the Series Challenge hosted @ The Celebrity Readers. I'm planning on going for the B-List Series Reader although it would be great to get to A-Lister. Here are all the books I plan on finishing in 2020:

I read the first book in the Cecelia & Kate series years ago. I enjoyed that it was written through letters. I thought the overall plot kept my interest. It was surprisingly good based on the time it was set and the epistolary style of writing. It's not like it's a fast pace read either. Of course slow paced reads can be great too. I remember liking the first book a lot so I want to continue the rest of the series next year.

I loved the first two books in the Hex Hall series way back in high school. I did not read the third book because I got a major part of the third book ruined for me. I was so annoyed by what happened so I refused to continue on. Goodreads member that don't use spoilers EVEN if it's a topic about the series/book are pure evil. I still have it ingrained in my head what happens. I wish I didn't but it's there. I'm going to finish this trilogy plus spin off anyways. 

I was surprised by how much I liked Grave Mercy. It's funny that I'm reading another book series with assassin nuns but maybe that's just my niche read now. I do remember a large portion of this book even if I read it years ago. I liked it that much. I didn't particularly like how mushy the romance got and that's coming from a lover of romance. Although romance in books are becoming more terrible by the second at least with the books I read. YA romance isn't very good to me but I can overlook it and finish this series. I'm excited to see what happens to the three different characters and how they evolve throughout their story.

I can't remember the book version of Howl's Moving Castle for the life of me. I have the movie version implanted in my mind even if I've experienced both the movie and the book. I have also had the second book in the series since high school so this needs to happen already. I'm actually planning on writing about what I thought about the books every Saturday from January - March. I'm going to do five chapters a week. I thought it would be fun to discuss the book like a book club... a one person one but still. I think the story will stay in my mind more easily because of it and it's just something different to do.

The progression from dirigible to spacecraft in this series is hilarious. I want to see how Matt Cruse was able to get there. I really loved Airborn when I was a teen. I recently listen to the audiobook with a fantastic full cast production. I feel invigorated to finish the series especially since it'll mean that another sequel on my shelf will stop staring at me in judgement.

I have the clearest memory of going to the library and finding My Side of the Mountain on the bookshelves as well as reading the story. This book means so much to me. This book, Hatchet, and A Week in the Woods are such memorable reads. I love nature books because of them. I haven't read much unfortunately but I plan to change that. Anyway, I didn't know for the longest time that this was a series. It is a CRIME that I haven't read this series in it's entirety *Sigh* It needs to be read already­čś×

I read about three or four Noragami books and loved them. I even watched the first season of Noragami and again, loved it. This mixes humor, fighting, a close (and possibly romantic) relationship, and seriousness that's simply perfect. I want to see what happens beyond the first season because it left off on such a cliffhanger. This series is still going and I don't know how many of them my library has so who knows how far I get into the series.

I've read Alanna: The First Adventure twice and loved it both times. I read it a second time recently so I want to get into the second one fairly soon so I still have things fresh in my memory. It's a fantastic book. If you like fantasy I'm sure you'll love this series. I'm happy that Tamora Pierce was worth the hype. I wish more YA fantasy was written like this series today.

I've also read about four of the Tokyo Ghoul series and the first season. Loved them both. Why have I not finished this series? Your guess is as good as mine. The first (and maybe I saw the second one too...) was such a fantastic ride. I don't normally read horror but I absolutely was floored by the world, characters, and writing of this series. I'm hoping on finishing this series and moving on to its spin off Tokyo Ghoul:re.

I recently reread the first book in The Withern Rise Trilogy and was reminded how amazing this author's writing is. Such a fantastic concept! There are these other worlds that one of the main character finds. It's like the reverse of his life. the person in his place is a girl and her mother survived a train accident while his mother didn't. The craziness that this author pulls off at the end! I still remember the sequel's ending and it messed me up. I did not want to continue to the last book. I didn't think I could handle it. I'm older now so there's no excuse. I need to see how everything concludes finally.

What series do you want to finish in 2020? 
Are you participating in the Finishing the Series Challenge?


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