July 2019 TBR + Link-Up

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This July TBR includes a link-up for the Pick-a-Theme | 2019 Challenge hosted here @ She's Got Books On Her Mind. At the end of this post you can find a place to link-up to any reviews, discussions, and the like surrounding the theme you chose for July. You'll also find a link for the March link-up for the Royal Reading Challenge. I've added a few books you might enjoy for each challenge that I've discovered around Goodreads/the library that'll fit the theme.

I finished my summer semester! I have to work on my portfolio this July and August but still, no class! I feel like a kid again. I've been to the beach twice which has been so relaxing. I do want to go to the beach more this July or at least as much as I have in June. The last half of June/beginning of July wasn't great but I'm feeling good now about how the month is going to go. I did decide to not post a whole tbr list in June in the future because it's kind of been messing with my reading. It really helped as I've been enjoying my reading more lately. I do still want to put a tentative list up for my theme read though.

It's already July and I've been feeling like I really need to read these types of books. It;s probably one you may or may not expect based on what I've mentioned in my last couple of posts. My theme for this month is...

I hardly read any classics but Katie @ Books and Things has made me really want to read them lately. I don't want to start off with an 800 page Trollope book but I do have a few shorter reads I have in mind. 

I have never read Tolstoy before but, The Kreutzer Sonata looks to be the perfect place to start. It's only 128 pages and it's all kind of messed up. A husband thinks his wife is cheating on him so some murder ensues because of his jealousy. I'm into reading darker reads as of late. It takes me back to my favorite author in high school - Robert Cormier. If you haven't read his work, I would highly recommend it.

Katie @ Books and Things is doing an Austen readathon this month. Northanger Abbey has been coming up a lot lately. It's Austen's first novel, a short read, and I believe has to do with imitating gothic novels. Sounds wonderful!

Another short Jane Austen, Lady Susan, has a villain as a main character. I'm so intrigued to read a villain character from Austen's perspective.

I loved The Haunting of Hill House TV show. I know the book is very different from the show, however Shirley Jackson's other book, We Have Always Lived in a Castle, has been my favorite read so far this year so I'm excited nonetheless. 

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

What are your reading plans in June?
Hope all the Americans out there have a Happy Fourth of July! Are you doing anything special today?