Pick-a-Theme | 2019 Challenge

Pick-a-Theme is a 2019 Reading Challenge where you choose a theme each month and read books that fit that theme. It is hosted @ She's Got Books On Her Mind

I've never been good at yearly long reading challenges. I've wondered why that is. 💡 I've only ever done well with monthly challenges. I know others struggle with keeping up with yearly challenges as well so I created this challenge for the challenge strugglers out there. 

Pick a theme every month. Any theme will do. The theme can be a topic (ex. Witches, Time Travel, or ARCs), a genre (ex. Romance, Sci-Fi, or Horror), based on age (ex. YA, Middle Grade, or Adult), or it can be a literal theme (ex. Family, Betrayal, or Revenge). Choose how many books you want to read per month, per theme. Read.

An added bonus that I plan to do is review the books I read and have at least one other blog post around the subject whether be a list of books with the same theme I enjoyed, what to read next, a book tag, or a discussion on the theme itself. You decide if you want to do this too but it is optional.

  • You can read any type of books for this challenge. Picture books, graphic novels, manga, and audio books are allowed in this challenge.
  • Re-reads are allowed as long as you don't use it for more than one theme.
  • You don't have to read a theme every month. You can choose which months you want to participate in. Saying that, there is an overall sign-up link that you add your name to.
  • You may join whether or not you have a blog. You can join through Goodreads, twitter, or any other appropriate site. 
  • Every month there will be a wrap-up post available. You can add reviews, a tbr list, discussions, and view other readers progresses through that post. If you want you can just comment what you've read as well. 
  • The level of books you read each month can change.
  • You can use books you've read for other challenges for this challenge. (You can even work a theme around each challenge like reading Mount TBR books for a month.)

  • Novice: Read 2-3 books around your theme.
  • Intermediate: Read 4-5 books around your theme.
  • Advanced: Read 6-7 books around your theme.
  • Expert: Read 8+ books around your theme.
*This is applied to per month or per year. Whatever you like. Remember, you can choose to be a Novice one month, an expert the next, or not read based on a theme one of the months. It's all up to you.

                                     If you have any questions let me know down below. 
Please share this challenge if it's something you like.
Are there any themes you would want to do that comes to mind?


  1. This is a great idea for a challenge :D Very creative! What theme are you going to pick for December? Do you already have one for November?

    1. It starts from January to December 2019. I have one planned for January but it's a secret 🤫

  2. Oh this is clever. I will share on my Sunday Post.

  3. Good luck with your monthly themes. Monthly seems more manageable to me- and easier to stick with for sure. :)

    1. Thanks, monthly themes make sense for me. I do better with monthly challenges on Goodreads so I thought it made the most sense.

  4. Can I link up with just my blog or do I need a sign up post with what I plan to do for the year? I plan to do that anyway but I want to make sure it's not what I link up too :) When you say overall link up do you have to link to that each month to announce the next month? Also will that be on the kick off post? Sorry for all the questions just want to make sure I sign up correctly! :)

    1. You can just link up with your blog if you want. No, you don't have to link-up every month. I just added it in there because I plan on making monthly tbr's which include my new theme each month and others might want to do the same. The link-up monthly is for tbr's, discussions, and any reviews you get to that month. No problem! Thanks for joining!

    2. Great, I am just going to do a blog link up now but do a full sign up on my blog in the next few weeks. I will also promote the challenge for you in our COYER Challenge group and also when I list challenges that I am doing this year as well as the ones I host! I can't wait to start planning this one! It's seems like a lot of fun!

  5. Great idea for a challenge - and so doable. Will be joining in!

  6. Sounds reasonable and I like the variable aspect for monthly choices.. thanks for challenge creativity!

  7. Sorry for double sign up ..it won't link up to the blog site and url should be correct. So I'm not sure how to find what needs changing...? Thanks for help, Adriana

  8. Thank you for hosting this challenge! Happy New Year!


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