January 2019 TBR + Link-Up

This January TBR includes a link-up for the Pick-a-Theme | 2019 Challenge hosted here @ She's Got Books On Her Mind. At the end of this post you can find a place to link-up to any reviews, discussions, and the like surrounding the theme you chose for January. You'll also find a link for the January link-up for the Royal Reading Challenge. I've added a few books you might enjoy for each challenge that I've discovered around Goodreads/the library that'll fit the theme. 

I've had this first theme in my mind since the beginning of November. It is a strange theme to choose right off the bat, at least I think so. I chose it I think because there was a similar book that I planned to read soon (which I'm reviewing this month) that was surrounded by this theme. I got really into looking up books and thinking about a particular Disney character whose movie I may just have to watch this January. If you've looked at the cover image you might have figured it out from one of the books I chose. My theme this month is....

I was originally going to read only mermaid books but one of the books I planned to read wasn't available at my library... 😕 However, I was lucky enough to find two more books that I could check out and were interesting to me. In the end the book that related to selkies won out. 

On another note, mermaids were a big thing back around 2012. They seem to be coming around again or at least there are a few that have been coming out that have piqued my interest which is why I chose a topic surrounding that vein. Below are the sea creature books I plan to read this January, the tbr read everyone voted on, and some other books I chose to read this January. 

Of Poseidon is a very iconic mermaid book cover. I've seen it around for years and when you look up mermaid books it or the other books in the series are on top of the list. 

The Visitors is my replacement read. Where the books is set makes me feel like I will get sucked into the story. There seems to multiple layers to the characters and a good mystery. On a side note did you know selkies are seals who shed their skin to become humans? Because I didn't and I can't get that imagery out of my head.

The Intermission doesn't have the greatest rating on Goodreads but I don't care. Sometimes you've got to throw caution to the wind. I can see myself loving this book, hopefully.

You would think as a Catholic I wouldn't be up for Heretics Anonymous book, but I really enjoy fiction that explores faith in whatever moment or shape its in at the moment. I do hope it shows both sides of the story in a way so that I and the readers can learn from each other. Haha. I sound so serious all of a sudden!

Are You Here for What I'm Here For? caught my eye when I was searching for mermaid books. It has a story within it that's about, "An elderly pharmacist protects his adopted nephew, who found a mermaid in a bottle, from a coastal village gripped by hysteria," which I thought was interesting. I hardly ever read short stories and this sounded like such a good time. I had to add it to my list.

Craftily Ever After has a great concept, not only are there four artist/crafty friends, a friendship is tested. I think it brings up such a relatable story line that young readers might go through.

I got Pilu of the Woods from NetGalley for review. I want to review at least one ARC every month if possible but it isn't a set goal of mine. It is something consciously I want to try. This is the second book that has a dog on the cover in my list coincidentally. I can't lie, the look on the dog in the cover pretty much convinced me to read this book. I'm looking forward to see how the fantasy elements are intertwined in this story as well as the serious bits.

We Have Always Lived in a Castle is the book you all voted on for my tbr read. I had to randomize the three main choices to break the three way tie. I was surprised by everyone's choices. For some reason I thought American Panda was going to be the clear choice. I'm pleasantly surprised that there were so many books everyone picked from. It makes things interesting. This book, by the way, is written by the same author who wrote The Haunting of Hill House which was cool to learn about after I had watched the TV series.

I am lucky enough to be included in a blog tour for Riverdale: The Day Before. I love the TV series and I have wondered what happened with Jughead and Archie. There's a lot of questions promised to be answered. I just hope it's done well as it is a story I have high hopes for.

Decluttering at the Speed of Life is something I picked up for a goal I have for the New Year. I think books like these are more often than not simply good motivators to get started organizing. I'm hoping it gives me a boost in the right direction.

The Lovebird Handbook... My brother has left his lovebird here to live with me and my parents. This bird needs some time out of his cage. I've been trying to sing to him and get him flying out of his cage in my room but I don't really know much about him (if it's a him or not) and how to properly make him happy. They are supposed to be social birds so I would love if he could hang out with me and just be less anxious when I come around him so this book is my solution. 

What books are you planning to read this January?
Which will be your first book of the New Year?


  1. It looks like you have a lot of great sounding books lined up for January. I know that I will be reading the upcoming Shalvis book, along with the new book from Nick Petrie. I am letting myself do a bit of mood reading otherwise.

    1. I looked up Jill Shalvis and her book covers look sweet and romantic. There are so many books I want to read so I like structuring it some. If I don't want to read something or can't get into it I'll leave it to another month. I hope you have a great reading month and year (:

  2. I love reading about mermaids, so thank you for all the suggestions! Can't wait to get started on the royal reading challenge!

    1. Awesome (: - I'm not planning on reading any royal books this month but in a few. I'll be reading most of them at the same time. I wish there were more mermaid books. The last one I discovered looks really cool. It's categorized as horror.

  3. I read Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon, but not recently enough to count for the sea challenge!

    1. Well, it's my monthly theme actually so you could read whatever theme you wanted. I'll have to look at that review. I haven't seen a book with the main focus being kelpies.

  4. Ah no! I was an epic fail at updating the link up on the Royal Reading Challenge... But I read one and I captured it in my challenge update post. https://www.sunnybuzzybooks.co.uk/2019/02/2019-reading-challenge-update.html

    The Sea theme seemed like a good one. There are so many good books featuring mermaids, sirens etc at the moment. :)


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