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It's summer so naturally I think about ice cream on these hot humid days even if I'm usually indoors (I've got to keep up that bookworm image). That thought process led me to want to do this ice cream book tag that I originally saw months before in a blog I cannot remember. So without further ado, enjoy the book tag!

A Book You Wish had More Flavor.

First of all, excuse me? Vanilla ice cream is amazing. It's classic and delicious.

As far as my choice, there are a lot of books that need a boost but I still had difficult finding the right story. I decided to go with My Faire Lady by Laura Wettersten. The reason I went for this book is that I enjoyed the majority of the story, the setting, and the friendships. What I would have liked is a more well rounded story in that the romance was lacking as well as character growth. I had complained in my review that the MC was hung up on a guy who didn't even talk to her. I don't mean to change that because that's an obvious flaw. I just think the realization and after effects of the romance with another character could have been more interesting. I think that she should have grown more as a character and the readers should have been able to see some more of that. She does make decisions about her life and stands up for herself but it was wrapped up too easily without exploring more of her growth as a character.

A Long Book or an Immersive Read that you Enjoyed Indulging In.

Now they are just throwing shade at vanilla. *shakes head* 

I'm going to go with an immersive read that I really enjoyed indulging in. It's not much of an indulgence as it is a more emotional read than a happy book. But, I felt immersed in the world of The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. The books I often fully invest my time into are emotional reads or romantic ones which are pretty much my book preferences in a nut shell. The Sea of Tranquility had me questioning the story behind Nastya's (the main character) persona and how she got her scars. Then there was the romance with Josh which was done really nicely. I loved the two together. It didn't feel forced. I also enjoyed how Nastya never played a victim but was trying to escape that status in her own messed up way. There are a lot of favorite books that would go in this category like The Book Thief, Saint Anything, a Robert Cormier book, etc. but this is the first book that came into mind.

Original Image by Kyla Loftus

A Romance that was Super Sweet.

Strawberry and sweet? I did do a Sweet Reads for Strawberry Day post last February. However, I don't want to be redundant so I'll go for something new. What about Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen? I haven't talked about that book in a hot minute.                                                                        Saint Anything has this fantastic family that comes together and takes care of each other. Then Sydney, who's dealing with family drama, comes in and becomes instantly accepted when she becomes friends with Layla whose such a sweet friend herself. Layla's brother - Mac - becomes Sydney's love interest. It is slow and filled with warmth. I can't speak more highly of this book.

A Book Encompassing Everything You Love.

So basically an emotional read with romance? I was foreshadowing this question and didn't even know it. You know what? I'm not going to go with an emotional read because that isn't necessarily necessary in my books. I love good writing above all.... plus some romance. I also tend to enjoy fantasy (anything with magic) so I'm going to go for Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis. Good writing. Romance. Magic. A perfect combination. It's for Pride and Prejudice lovers but for kids.

Original Image by Lindsay Moe

A Book that Blends Genres.

So basically any non-romance with a romance, right?

Not wanting to go with something obvious I went with a historical fiction and mystery - All the Truth That's in Me by Julie Berry. I rarely like historical fiction without an element of fantasy but the mystery in this was really great. I didn't appreciate how the MC was treated by the townspeople but what are you going to do? I think the story being set in a time where having a mutilated tongue and not being able to speak was seen almost like she was cursed. The way she's able to find the truth about what happened to her friend and stand up for herself once and for all is commendable. 

A Book with a Colorful Cover.

I went with Everything Must Go by Jenny Fran Davis because it stood out the most in my read section on Goodreads. It's bright and colorful which doesn't describe the actual contents at all. The MC gets manipulated and there's a lot of "big talk" about identity.

Original Image by Alison Marras

A Book Worthy of Celebration.

A Monster Calls 100%. It's a wonderful story about losing a loved one through the eyes of a boy. The imagining of the monster and what it becomes shows off how talented Patrick Ness. There are images within the story that paint the plot with an extra sense of nuance to what the boy needs to face. 

A Book with Multiple Perspectives.

The option was ice cream cookie sandwich or three scoops on a cone. I obviously picked ice cream cookie sandwich because that was the go to ice cream when I was younger.

I chose The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani because of the obvious multiple perspectives of one girl who believes she is good and the other who believes she is evil. I find both perspectives fascinating and their experiences as well. I will forever love Agatha and who she represents. Did you know there is a spin off/continuation of the series?

Original Image by stevepb

A Book You Felt Compelled to Read Very Quickly.

At first I was thinking of a sequel or final book but then I decided on The Lying Game by Sara Shepard. With this whole series I flew through each and every book in one sitting. I remember this series vividly. I was so so about the ending but I still loved the whole series. Fast paced and kept me guessing.

A Book You Set Aside but Plan on Going Back to Later.

I set aside a bunch of books recently. I just didn't feel like reading for months so they were all set aside. I chose Literally by Lucy Keating because it was the one I read a couple of chapters before I stopped reading it. I still want to read it. It was cute so far. But in the future I'll pick it up again.

Original Image by Sheri Silver

Cup or Cone? 

Cup of course because the cone tastes like nothing and I am not that fast of an eater.

Favorite Flavor?

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream!


More Oreo pieces.

Favorite Local Ice Creamery? 

Have you heard of this little shop called Cold Stone? There isn't any other local creamery where I live.

Anyone who wants to join in can join in!
What are some of your answers to this tag?


  1. What a fun, summery tag! I've read a few of these books and I agree with your assessments of them. I added KAT, THE INCORRIGIBLE to my TBR list on Goodreads because it sounds like something that would be fun to read aloud to my daughter. Thanks for the rec!

    1. It's a fantastic series. The last book does have a violent moment (the fourth book which is a novella only as an ebook) that I didn't really like so you may want to read it before you read it with your daughter. It's still quite excellent.


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