Sweet Reads for Strawberry Day

Hello everyone, today is national Strawberry Day! I thought I'd show off some sweet reads to compliment the day. I consider sweet reads to be books with kind characters, romance, or plot. Below are five sweet reads that you might enjoy.

Past Perfect is a favorite of mine that I haven't read in ages! I'm so glad I thought about it with this sweet reads list because it reminded me of how wonderful it truly is. What's more sweet than romance, summer, and ice cream? Nothing. Haha. But seriously, those three combinations plus a strange yet awesome reenactment job makes Past Perfect an easygoing, fun read.

The Cupcake Witch is a novella with magic, potential romance, and delicious, delicious cupcakes. I loved the mellow vibe coming off of these pages. It was simply a sweet read. Prepare yourself before reading this. You'll most likely be hungry before finishing its pages. 

Does anyone remember Flipped? I read this back when I was seventeen and absolutely fell in love with the story of first love. This is a must read. I know I'm older now, but I still love this book. I still can't believe my mom surprised me with the very indie movie version of the book. So many memories...

I read The Mother-Daughter Book Club around the time I was reading books with my mom or at least contemplating it. I've read books with my mom in the past so this reminded me of her. I loved how all of the girl's personalities resembled the book they were all reading, Little Women. This is the type of cliche book where characters with very different personalities come together and become unlikely friends. The mom's are around too and you get to see the relationships between. This is a very wholesome, cute book whose series I plan to explore in the future.

We are going back to seventeen with Hope Was Here. What I got out of this was mostly Hope finding a home in a small town waitressing. The diner becomes her home as her coworkers and customers make her feel welcomes. Even with the turmoil in the town, when I think of Hope Was Her I think of warmth. 

What sweet reads have you loved?


  1. Sometimes you just need a sweet read! What a fun post for today; I didn't know it was National Strawberry Day. :)


  2. I want to read the cupcake witch! And eat a cupcake


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