Summer Reading | 2018

Summer officially starts on the 21st of June but the weather has already caught up. It's the best time of year where sun, books, and swimming become my priority. I haven't read a book in months and it's time to change that. So here's a list of books I plan to read this summer. Realistically based on my reading habits of late I would like to read at least five but I'm not known to dream small when it comes to books...


Second Chance Summer - My mom read this book first since after I recommended The Unexpected Everything (and loving it) and she thought I would love it too so I have to read it now.

The Secrets We Bury, This Heart of Mine, Herding Cats, and In Her Skin are all ARCs I have yet to read. These are a must this summer.


I decided to give Simon vs. the Home Sapiens Agenda a try after the movie trailers looked so cute. Although they did give away him talking to his mom about everything...

To Kill a Kingdom - Another ARC I am desperate to read.

Save the Date - If it is Morgan Matson I will read it.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened - I've been wanting to read this book for four years!!! It is time.

Orphan Monster Spy - I discovered this book a while back before it was out and I love everything about it.  I do worry about it being set in WWII because I don't need another scene like at the end of The Book Thief.


Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms - This is a challenge read I haven't gotten to yet. It's very different to what I usually read which is a good thing in my book. I haven't read much children/middle grade books in a while plus magic!

The Search for Wondla - This is another challenge read that looks and sounds like a combo of Star Wars and The Golden Compass to me. It sounds like it'll be a great adventure.

Stef Soto, Taco Queen - This is part of my foodie reads challenge. It looks really cute and fun.

The Knife of Never Letting Go - This is a long time book in my tbr. I know people love the series and it is by Patrick Ness whose story writing in A Monster Calls was beautiful.

The Thief - I read this long before the hype. I completely forgot what happened in the story so I was planning on reading it when it was popular again so I can continue the story but never did. It is #1 on my Goodreads tbr list. If I finish this I'll have to throw a party.


The Magic Pudding is a classic Australian children's book which I find interesting. I need more classics in my life.

Pivot Point and What's Left of Me - If it kills me, I will read these books one day. I love the covers, the premises, everything about them! So it is time to read.

Food Wars - I'm actually planning on reading four volumes of the Food Wars since those are the only ones (plus volume eighteen) available in order at the library. Even if I don't eat meat, I still like to read food related books especially if they are fiction. Also, I am missing out on not reading manga.

What books are you planning to read over the summer?
Are their any challenges or books out of your comfort zone you plan to read?


  1. Pivot Point is soooo good! I just made my summer list on the blog too. Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks! I still need to read Pivot Point once and for all. I was able to only read three of the books with one DNF but at least it was something. Hope you had a wonderful time reading this past summer.


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