March 2018 Book Releases

Hello everyone. March is upon us and I thought I would showcase some books being published this month that I would love to read and I think you might enjoy as well. There are a lot more March books coming out this month of course but let's go for the best shall we? Anyways, enjoy!

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor - A story about a girl who loves lizards and komodo dragons who became a woman and made her love her life. I love picture books that highlight amazing people from history.

The Science of Breakable Things - Natalie sets her eyes on the prize of an egg drop competition at her school so she can take her mom to see flowers that survive in impossible odds so she can feel better during her depression. I get teary eyed whenever I read this summary because it shows how much kindness people can have for the ones they love.

She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History - Girls who didn't let the odds or others defeat her are the best girls.

Elle of the Ball - Although the cover doesn't show it, Elle Deluca is six feet tall whose position in her basketball team is changing to become a starter and she must dance with a shorter boy in gym. I was tall as a child so I understand Elle's dilemma. I didn't end up growing that tall, only five foot seven inches, but I alsohad to dance with a shorter boy in line dancing in high school. I'm sure he was feeling a little uncomfortable just like me.

The Night Diary - Half-Muslim and Half-Hindu at a time where home isn't safe, Nisha journey's with her family while having to come to terms with losing her homeland. I absolutely love this cover and appreciate a middle grade book that has historical roots.

Craftily Ever After: The Un-Friendship Bracelet - Two crafty friends get lost in new friendships. I love that these kids are crafts and one even likes to sew! Since I'm getting more into my "creative side" I would love to read this series.

Baby Bird - A baby bird tries to leave the nest but his twisted wing makes him search for a new way thanks to a friend. This reminds me of Nemo and I love the accepting yourself for who you are theme.

Harriet Gets Carried Away - Harriet loves wearing costumes. She puts on an extra special penguin one for errands, she's missing a few key items for her birthday, she remarkably gets carried away by penguins as one of the flock. I love the idea of this one. It's very cute and has a pretty purple color. Also, her parents happen to be two dads.

I Am Famous - Kiely is the ultimate diva who has paparazzi (her parents) and fans (her grandparents) showering her with love. I loved the sample pictures I saw of this one. Although, I don't know if I would want my future kids wanting to be this sassy after reading this book I do think it has a great potential lesson on confidence and love.

Natsumi! - Natsumi is a loud and energetic child who tries to do everything in her town's Japanese arts festival but her excitement gets the better of her. This is for all those extroverted girls who always get in trouble for being themselves. I am not like this but I believe in the arts, this is where girls can express themselves fully.

Crackerjack Jack - Jack tries to rob a bank with a duck but things don't go to plan. This is a cute rhyming book with vibrant illustrations. I can tell this will have a funny ending.

Orphan Monster Spy - A blonde and blue eyed Jewish girl goes undercover during the most dangerous time in Germany. Absolutely LOVING this cover and I'm ready for the suspense.

In Sight of Stars - Klee feels lost in his new suburban home with his mom but finds solace in adventuring New York City and Sarah from art class. Things happen and he ends up in intensive therapy to find out what was real and what wasn't. I of course love this because it deals with mental health. I always gravitate towards those books because they feel more raw and real then your average read. Plus, he likes art.

Mapping the Bones - Two twins lose their family and fear for their lives as a doctor in Nazi Germany looks for twins to experiment on. Honestly, I'm afraid. I don't know if I can handle this book but I think I should take the chance.

Restore Me - Tragedy strikes. That's all I payed attention to really. Didn't expect this and I know the series isn't perfect but I loved the books. I don't care what anyone has to say - I just want Warner in my life again. I HOPE I like this new extension as much as I liked the original.

To Kill a Kingdom - THE LITTLE MERMAID/URSULA RETELLING???? The Sea Queen's daughter has seventeen prince's hearts in her collection but she gets turned into a human by her mother when she kills one of her own. Prince Elian kills sirens and recruits Princess Lira after she promises to help him eliminate mankind's greatest enemy. I'M DYING TO READ THIS. I just got it on NetGalley too so you know I'll be reading it soon.

Losing Leah - Twin sisters, headaches, kidnapping, and fate. I love the title and cover. I love the name Leah and this cover looks simple and haunting. I think the alternative POV's will be interesting and Leah's escape attempt will be suspenseful.

The Secrets We Bury - This book had me at hiking the Appalachian Trail. Anything nature I'm in. I'm concerned because the main POV has anger issues but I'm sure that'll make things more interesting. I have a feeling this book will have characters discovering themselves and becoming better people. I also have this from NetGalley so I'm pretty lucky this month.

In Her Skin - Jo, a con artist, impersonates a missing girl but finds danger within the family she's deceived. This is by the Kim Savage whose books always mess with my mind. I honestly just saw the author and wanted it. NetGalley has given me Savage's crazy wonderful writing once again. I don't like the cover though...

The Cafe at Seashell Cove - Like most of my adult picks, this is a feel good story with cake and an old flame trying to be helpful any chance the MC needs it. Adorable.

Bury What We Cannot Take - This is a messed up read where a grandson reports his grandmother to the authorities in China. They must now flee their home but the government will only let them have their visas if they leave one of their children behind as proof that they will return. The drama! I just don't know how I would handle this book but I want to read it anyway.

The Summer of Secrets - Engaged to a mind wandering man, Harper finds out a secret that her town wants to exploit for some drama. Those trouble makers include a handsome recluse, of course. Another fluffy read that I'm sure to enjoy.

The Reluctant Fortune-Teller - Norbert, a seventy-three year old man, gets caught into a scheme to be a fortune teller after his knack of observation gets make him excellent at his new job. But after a bad reading a girl goes missing and Norbert is determined to bring her to safety. This is such an off beat story that seems to have a sweet lesson at the end. I wouldn't think I'd be into a book starring an elderly man but it looks too sweet to pass up.

Hetty's Farmhouse Bakery - Hetty tries to prove to her daughter and herself that she can be inspiring by using her baking skills to win a prestigious competition. I like that a mother who does everything for everyone finds something that she loves and tries to do something unexpected. 

Murder Notes - An FBI profiler goes back to her hometown when a series of murders leads her there. She has history with the local crime lord's son who knows her darkest secrets. Those dark secrets are threatened to be exposed by the killer which makes her wonder is someone close to her trying to hurt her? This probably sounds like a very goofy type of mystery like it is very cliche but I'm into it. I'm interested in it being a series because I think I'll really enjoy the first book.

Little Woodford: The Secrets of a Small Town - I love secrets haha. A nosy self proclaimed queen bee tries to discover answers to the rumors of a newcomer to Little Woodford. I'm curious to read what brought the newcomer, a widower with her children, to the small town as well as Olivia's, the busybody's POV.

What books are you looking forward to this month?


  1. Losing Leah looks good. The Cafe at Seashell cover looks cute and cozy too.

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing all of these. I like that it includes books for various age levels. I'm so curious about Mapping the Bones and Orphan Monster Spy - I think it's obvious which "historical fiction" type of books I enjoy. haha I'm also really excited about Obsidio!


  3. I have been wanting to read I Am Famous since I first saw it. I also look forward to She Persisted Around the World. Great companion to the first book. :) Harriet Gets Carried Away looks fabulous too. So many great books. Thanks for sharing.

  4. To Kill a Kingdom looks interesting. So many fun reads coming out this month :)

  5. I can't wait for In Her Skin and The Night Diary! I will have to look up some of these other ones on Goodreads. I can't wait for Obsidio to come out this month!

    1. I haven't read Illuminae yet. I know if I do it'll be addicting.

  6. Wow, I never realized there were so many great-looking books that came out/are coming out in March! I added a bunch of these to my Goodreads TBR list. Thanks for the heads-up!



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