Books on Her Mind Weekly Recap #9

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I've been wanting to get back into a weekly recap for a while now and I have finally succeeded! I want to continue doing them every week from now on mostly on Sundays. However, since I have had a couple of busy days this one will be on a Tuesday.

This past week I've planned a lot more on the posts for the remainder of the month and for March. I want to focus on posting more books that have to do with holidays and national days of "importance" (those quotation marks will make more sense later on in the month). I want to do more tags and discussion posts. I also have plans to review new and older books I've read. I also want to revamp my about me page and visit a lot more blogs. I've done pretty well so far visiting about 20+ new blogs so far. There's a ton more I want to do and I am energized to do so.

*Note: I wanted to create a food post that went along with my HP Tag last month but I wasn't recreating something new so I decided to not go doing it. I WISH I could create new recipes with my imagination.

Books Ive Read

This past week I have read three books bringing my total books read to twelve books. My goal is to read at least three more new books.


 Challenge Updates
I added Wisdom's Kiss to the Beat the Backlist Challenge so that I am at 3 out of 8 books read towards my goal. I'm up to Exodus chapter 29 on my Operation Deepen Faith Challenge. I read The Stone Heart and The Sand Warrior which makes my Graphic Novel and Manga Challenge result in 2 out of twelve books read.

I plan on reading at least one book this week for the Old School's Kidlit Challenge. I really need to review a graphic novel book that I've read THIS year. I've reviewed so many already that I read last year. I'm a little behind on my game plan since I'm reading so slowly but otherwise I'm doing pretty well. I am excited to eventually finish the Book of Exodus because I've never done that before. I'm finally doing this challenge correctly!


Last Week's Posts

I am finally signing up for #FitReaders for this year! I want to be more active and use videos online to do so. I don't know if I'll be going to the gym again as well anytime soon but in either case I plan on doing strength training, cardio, possibly yoga, and running. I did so well in my last race. I beat my time and ran a whole mile without stopping. I trained very hard running/walking throughout the beginning of the year. The last half not so much because of obligations. I'm ready to get back into it.

Miles walked: 4.49
Run/walk training: N/A
Total miles: 6.85
I've learned in the past two months how inflexible I am... I want to change that.


New to Me Artists
Chloe x Halle are two sisters making contemporary R&B music. They are amazing.


I've been subscribed to NayaReadsandSmiles for a long time now. She's the most energetic, happy-go-lucky reader and reviewer.


Looking Forward To
You know that A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 is happening don't you? I'm so excited for the Quagmire triplets to appear. The Austere Academy is my favorite book of the series so they better do it right!


Food and Arts and Crafts
The Food: I've been adding recipes to my new recipe book I got for Christmas. I want to eventually have ten solid lunch/dinner options that I can rotate through by the end of the year. I'm trying a new recipe this week called Crispy Sweet and Sour Tofu.

The Arts: I've been neglecting my love of drawing for a very long time. I want to build up my fundamentals and draw something resembling a human face.

Crafts: I've been also neglecting this fox pincushion craft. I am so close to finishing it that I've resolved to finish it by the end of the month and show all of you. It won't be as good because I'm relatively new to sewing (but have done Alex sewing crafts when I was a kid and loved sewing ever since) but it's surprisingly not that bad. I can't wait to finish it and move on to a new project!


Around the Book World


How was your week? Are you looking forward to anything new?


  1. I never read the Lemony Snicket books, BUT I do want to watch the Netflix series. I just need to watch the first season. lol I can't believe the 2nd is coming out already! I'm so bad with keeping up with TV watching. That's great you have more ideas of the type of posts you want to do on the blog - I'm trying to add in new things too! :)


  2. I am not flexible at all, but I am hoping with more stretching to get a little better. I love Blogilates videos and Jessica Smith TV. :) I am always on the hunt for new lunch and dinner recipes. Do you have some favorites?


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