The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O'Neill

*I'm basing my review on the web comic.*

A young blacksmith apprentice, Greta, saves a tea dragon from a pack of hungry mystical creatures. This act of kindness propels Greta to meet new friends, learn new stories, and gain a new path in life.

Umm... The idea of tea dragons could possibly be the cutest and best mythical creature combination I've ever heard of. Imagine cute little dragons (that apparently stay small and adorable like how we all wish puppies would stay) that have tea leaves growing out of their heads. It's a little bit odd with the whole tea leaves bit but I know all the tea drinkers would not be complaining. The Tea Dragon Society has definite originality, a pretty pastel like aesthetic to the pages, and some wonderful portrayals of everyday characters.

Katie O'Neill - The Tea Dragon Society
I enjoyed how Greta was portrayed as such a caring person for animals. She's a goblin... (I know I don't see it either) that meets Hesekiel, this upright kind of gazelle looking character (I might be stretching it there) after she saves his tea dragon, Jasmine, who looks very much like him. He sends her off to Erik, another tea dragon caretaker, to teach her the ways of the tea making process. She also meets Minette, the very allusive pink haired girl who resembles a faun with a dark past.

I was very happy that there were characters that were all types of colors, shapes, sizes, abilities, and loved whomever their heart chose. I was very surprised when I first realized Greta's spark of interest in a certain somebody and other love interests in the story. The relationships shown were very sweet and innocent.

The whole look of the comic was very girly and pretty. There were flowers in the background of some panels that looked like they either represented a person, an emotion, or just to look pretty. Even the tea dragons names went right along with the vibe of the story. There was Jasmine, Chamomile (I kind of want a kitten names Chamomile now), Ginseng, and Rooibos (didn't know that was a tea name!). I'm not into tea - shocking I know given the comic I'm reviewing - but I loved that the story touched upon how the art of tea is fading. That statement is very much how it feels the modern world is turning. There seems to be less artisans or traditions that can be found in everyday places.
Art by Katie O'Neill

There are a couple of things I didn't like in the comic including the weird fat feet/legs compared to Greta's skinny body. I thought her proportions were off compared to all of the other characters and it weirdly bothered me more than it should have.

There were also some flashbacks (Oh, yeah the tea can show you past memories. Kind of important to the story...) where Hesekiel's clothes looked like he had some extra to him in the chest which was very confusing. So although the aesthetic is pretty cute not everything felt like it was drawn a hundred percent correctly.

Minette, the cute little faun girl? Well, she has trouble remembering things but somehow remembers how she lost her memories.... Um... what?
Art by Katie O'Neill

Lastly, I wanted more detail into their lives. I wanted more plot and story. Going from season to season was nice but I felt like I missed a lot in between.

The Tea Dragon Society had only minor issues with my most worrisome one being I wanted more of it. It was a fluffy read about kindness, love, and cute mini dragons. I'd recommend The Tea Dragon Society if you are looking for something light and sweet.

What would your tea dragon look and act like if you had one? 
What would you name them?

P.S. There is a plushie of Chamomile and an upcoming card game!


  1. Aw, this seems like a really cute comic. I like that there is some diversity. Thanks for sharing what didn't work for you too - I always appreciate that. The whole tea dragon idea is ADORABLE! I don't like tea either, but details. haha


  2. Tea dragons sound adorable. I don't drink a ton of tea, but I want one! I am not sure what mine would look like- probably colorful like a rainbow or maybe all pink. I would have to meet my tea dragon to pick the name. :)

    Sounds like a great story! Thanks for sharing.


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