Reading Challenges of 2018

Every year I don't know why I continue doing yearly challenges... I'm so bad at them! But, it is inevitable. I have become better at choosing challenges. I have narrowed them down to six which seems like a lot but some of them overlap. Now I plan to be realistic in what I can accomplish and plan (somewhat) accordingly. Below are the yearly challenges I'm participating in this year and the books I want to read for each challenge.

Hosted @ Novel Knight

I participated in this challenge last year. I completed 10+ books. I don't know the exact amount because I stopped counting after a while. I would like to read at least eight books but probably can get more since there is overlap in other challenges. I've had The Knife of Never Letting Go and Let's Pretend This Never Happened for a shamefully long time on my TBR list. It's time to read them already! I'm really excited to read The Sweetest Spell most of all because it's a fairy tale retelling which I've been into a lot lately.


Hosted @ spiritblog

This is one of the challenges I really want to succeed in. I believe I've participated only twice before. I love foodie books and I need to get some good recipes down this year so I want to get at least ten books read. I also kind of want to cook through a cookbook kind of like that girl did with Julia Child's book but with multiple cookbooks. We will see how it goes! My goal for now is to read at least ten books for this challenge.


Hosted @ Beck's Book Reviews

I have tried this at least once before but I never gave it a chance. I know I have no kids but picture books can be fantastic. I also kind of want to make a list of picture books I believe are the best and have them for the future. I want to read at least ten books. I might do a A-Z title/author list but I'm not a hundred percent sure. I'll see how the year goes. My goal for now is to read at least ten books.


Hosted @ Read-at-Home-Mom

Well aren't you already in a picture book challenge, Adriana? Well, to really find the best picture books and children's books I need to look at the old ones too right? By old I mean what counts for this challenge is the decade I was born in and older. That's why I can get away with Just Ella which was originally published in '99. I've been looking at old kid's primers after watching Godless on Netflix. I've also been wanting to read a lot of classic children's books for a while now. My plan is to read at least ten books for this challenge.


Hosted @ Operation Actually Read Bible

I'm honestly the worst at this challenge. I'm still in the very beginning of the bible my second year. *face palm* My problem is I planned this too much. I'm going to just read the bible and not write any notes while I do so. Also, I'll read for the hour I don't go to church on Sundays. My goal is to at least get to Esther which happens to be one of my tia's names.


The 11th Annual Graphic Novel and Manga Challenge is hosted on Facebook by Nikki

I kind of love the idea that the challenge is going to be on Facebook. I do agree that the challenge should be more interactive. I think I'll end up trying to visit all the challenge hosts and the participants posts this year because it's more fun that way. (Huh. This is probably why I do better in Goodreads challenges...) I'm going for a more attainable goal this year which is Modern Age (twelve books!) Below you only see four comics but the goal is to read as far into the series as I can.

Are you participating in any challenges? Are there any number of books or genres you want to tackle this year?


  1. Wow! Lots of challenges, but I do see how some of them overlap. I have had The Search for Wondla on my list for ages. I really need to get to it. I like that you have a mix of very different challenges. I read and loved A Wrinkle in Time growing up and now I see the movie is coming out and I really want to reread it. Good luck with all your challenges. :)

  2. Good luck with all your challenges!!!!


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