Heart and Brain: Body Language by Nick Seluk (The Awkward Yeti)

The Heart and Brain series explores the emotions that the heart, brain, and other organs struggle with in everyday life including anxiety, fitness, overeating, budgeting and more.

This happens to be the third book in a series of comic strip collections that Nick Seluk aka "The Awkward Yeti" has created. What I looked forward to the most was that it wasn't one whole story but a page at a time of humor that would get me smiling just like Sarah Anderson was able to do for me in Adulthood is a Myth.

Body Language started off rocky for me but then there was a clever page about carrying self doubt to a goal and after that a want vs. need page got me chuckling. I was hooked.

I absolutely loved the dynamic between Heart and Brain. I thought Heart was hilarious and incredibly accurate although I find it strange yet funny that he is so conceited. I must be missing something obvious about his personality there and how it pertains to the heart. The brain on the other hand kind of reminds me of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory (it might just be the glasses) without the whole evil thing going on.

It was so interesting to see how Heart was like a child and Brain an adult. The heart was like an impetuous child that was all about himself, with a carefree attitude, and OH MY.... I JUST FIGURED IT OUT... He had a butterfly he would chase and in one case the butterfly helped destroy a budget plan that Brain came up. The butterfly must mean like butterflies in your stomach or chest in this case. I miss things okay!?

Anyways, it was interesting how Heart clearly had flaws but it took me a while to see the logical Brain's faults who you would think wouldn't at least from an at a glance perspective. In one case, Brain wakes up this Yeti in the middle of the night to tell him things he had to think of right now. Also, there are moments he just thinks of his mortality and lets Heart get away with some stuff. This is such a cleverly written book that it took me a second to fully realize why the characters acted the way they did.

My favorite pages had to do with exercise, particularly running. There was one that had the Awkward Yeti saying he wanted to be healthy by punishing himself for being unhealthy with running. That sounded so eerily familiar from my daily life.

There were some great moments with other characters including a hilarious one with Muscle after working out and Stomach getting angry with tongue about his food choices. There was also Bowels which had a couple of good moments. It took me a little while to get his personality but I got it - angry theorist grandpa. What else would you expect from your bowels?

The only things I didn't enjoy or was meh about would have to be first of all that it took a while to get into the type of humor and some of the pages were a miss for me. I wasn't dying laughing at everything which is perfectly reasonable but I wasn't overly enthused by everything as a whole. There were clever and funny moments but like with everything in comedy things either hit or miss depending upon delivery and the audience for example I'm not into that one fart joke that happened. It happens.

Body Language cleverly shows readers a mirror into their own lives from the perspective of the heart, brain, and other organs. I loved the two main characters, heart and brain, and would enjoy reading more of their adventures in the future.

P.S. Another comic with plushies and a lot of merchandise including this hilarious mug.

What internal organ describes your personality?


  1. I haven't heard of this one before. Sounds like an interesting read. I am curious about it now after reading your review. :)


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