Top 5 Villains of 2014

This is probably going to be the only top 2014 books where I don't put favorite in the title because I'm not a fan of any of these characters. They are terrifying and if I met them in real life I would hightail it out of there. The books below aren't in any order because these villains are all mostly, equally horrible. Watch out because there are spoilers for the books below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

I will be writing about the whole trilogy so you have been warned! The Fugleman is a political figure in the city of Jewel where children are chained up to Guardians or their parents whenever they are outside the comfort of their home so that they won't be kidnapped or killed. Let's say the Fugleman ensures that Jewel's children stay oppressed. He controls the city by fear and will do anything and kill anyone who gets in his way. He even goes as far as sending assassins to kill our two very young heroes - Goldie and Toadspit. He foolishly lets chaos out of the Museum of Dent in order to bring fear back to the people of Jewel. He also has a sword fight to the death with on of our heroes. He fights a child in order to kill him! He's a narcissistic, manipulator who is the prime example of how you are not supposed to act when you are a politician... or a person.

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls was surprisingly dark and violent. It's violent because of one person in particular: Mrs. Cavendish. Here is something I wrote in my review about this horrendous character:  "Mrs. Cavendish was pure evil! She would make people live their worst nightmares and get rid of their "problems" in a horrible way. She would whip their hands until they were bleeding..." I do remember this happening. When you think of Mrs. Cavendish think of the Other Mother in Coraline but even worse. Mrs. Cavendish is not even a real human I think. She's like the Other Mother because she feeds off the kids fear or something. I don't remember exactly. I do remember how messed up this book was. I assumed it was for middle school kids but I would never let a kid that age read this book. Mrs Cavendish made this book disturbing. She also had a weird collection... possibly of puppets she created (I wouldn't be surprised if I was right). I remember her putting the kids who didn't obey her in a box where they would live out their worst nightmares so basically they went crazy in there. She sort of controlled the house who would never let you  out. The house would even attack you... It's endless with Mrs. Cavendish and her evil ways.

Damselfly is a unique story where this girl named Lina (full name Thumbelina) who was created in order to solve the crisis of food shortage in the world. This girl who is the size of your thumb is supposed to be the first of her kind and is the first step in creating more people like her. Now let me talk about her creator or "mother" Dr. Christiansen. Dr. Chistiansen is cold hearted. She's very strict with Lina and Lina hates her for it. She keeps Lina trapped in a cage for most of the story when she starts to rebel, she forces her to choose between a few Toms in order for her to get married and have babies, and she experiments on people. What a lovely doctor right?  She has the trait that all villains seem to have - they don't let anything or anyone get in the way of what they want. It's all about them. She could care less about what Lina wants or what is morally and ethically right in the world because she is right and if you say something against her you are in for some real trouble.

I name all The Savages as villains except maybe the baby but, I'm sure he will become one too. There's also a crazy outsider who does the same things as The Savages so I would count that person in too. So The Savages are cannibals. That pretty much summons up their evilness. The parents - Titus and Angelica - are completely okay with eating people as they have done so for many years. Ivan - the middle child - is pretty much insane and even kills someone. He has like psycho killer mentalities so everybody should watch out. Sasha - the eldest child - is the only redeemable character. She wants to change her ways and things get interesting from there... This story is full of dark humor which I loved but at the end things got messed up with this family. They are the scariest family around. They are very sensible about who they eat but still everything gets insane and they are clearly villains. They might be my favorite villains out of this whole group because I hate everyone else but with this family especially with Sasha there are moments of sanity.

Now get ready for the worst villain that is making me shudder and get teary eyed as I write this down. Gavin is the most despicable character I've probably ever encountered. I've had only one other villain make me afraid and he was in a book called Kindred. I'm not necessarily afraid of this character; more like disgusted. He portrays all those stalkers and killers who prey on their victims in character form. I mean this book gets really messed up. I would only recommend you read it if you know what you are up against. It's this very realistic portrayal of how Gavin manipulates Val that makes him the evilest villain in 2014 for me. He wants to be like a lion and Val is his lioness and he wants to force her to do things like he is an animal. I don't want to say more because it's extremely disturbing to think about. This is a fantastic horror book but way too realistic and scary for me. I will never forget Gavin and that's terrifying to me.

Who was your worst/favorite villain in 2014?