2014 Favorites: Couples

And now we come to couples. Probably my favorite part of a book is the romance and couples in the stories - I love romanceWatch out because there are major spoilers for the books below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

So I've only read the first book in this series so this couple might change but for now I'm shipping Yelena and Valek. This couple snuck up on me. I know that most people say that they saw it coming or it was predictable but for me it wasn't. It was a very slow romance which is always wonderful compared to insta-love (in most cases). I liked that this was a surprise. I really liked then how I saw the protective side of Valek towards Yelena even though she is a known criminal. It felt like a careful and sweet romance even with all the horrible situations that Yelena had to face. They truly ended up loving and trusting each other by the end of Poison Study and I can only hope that they stay together by the end of this series.

*sing-song voice* Forbidden love! I love me some forbidden love and Karou and Akiva are in the forefront in that category. I know that things went down with Karou and Akiva that made one of them sound like a horrible person but come on! All those flashbacks with their adorableness and trying their hardest to deny their love but they can't because it is basically fate with these two. I mean they even sort of remembered each other when they met once again when that should have been impossible. They are meant to be! I might change my mind in the books to come. I just hope a certain someone redeems themselves in order to make this couple a reality.

"She scowled. He liked it when she scowled. Maybe a little too much, because her nose scrunched up and the tops of her cheeks tinted pink. She clutched the handle of the feather duster so hard its feathers quivered. Her lips contorted. Whatever promises he'd made himself about avoiding her went unfulfilled. Something about her always pulled him in. Why fight it?"

Oh my goodness YEEESSS!!!! I need to read this again because I read Til' Death in the beginning of the year and a lot has been read by me since then. But, I remember absolutely loving this romance. Selena and Dillan basically were like "No, I will not like you!" Of course that didn't work out for them. Dillan was a bad boy but he wasn't heartless. He just had a lot to deal with so he came off like a jerk in the beginning. He had his reasons. Selena had her death to deal with too - she was a Seer. So they both had huge problems in the way but when they came together - adorableness everywhere!

This is probably the only book I can't possibly spoil unless you are a child. Even then you should know about Jane and Darcy. I finally read their story. It took a while to get used to everything. There was a certain moment where everything was amazing because I was reading about their growing attraction to one another. At that time I read everything else super fast in order to read the parts in which Jane and Darcy were talking to each other. The small gestures and their conversations together were simply wonderful. Darcy and Jane both had flaws like the one where they both misinterpreted each other - big time! Darcy is very proud but he's the kindest person ever. When he says that he did everything for Jane (her family was in some real trouble and he helped them out) I was in pure heaven. It took a while but their love for each other was real and it was wonderful.

Turn back now if you don't want to know who Juliet chooses..................................... Juliet is a broken person in the beginning of the story. She finds her strength within herself and with the help of Warner. I love Juliet and Warner together. They are completely perfect together. I know that Warner went about everything wrong but he does redeem himself immensely in my eyes. He builds Juliet up and loves her so much it hurts. I would love to have that kind of love minus all the craziness in the beginning. To love a person so completely like they love each other is all I could ever want in life. Because that's the main thing in my life I want - a guy who loves me completely and who I love completely as well. 

Alec and Sabrina *sigh* They are both at a mental health facility for separate reasons. Sabrina daydreams and sees colors everywhere. She just basically sees everything differently. Alec does something stupid and is known to explode. He is super protective over Sabrina but misinterprets her health. He thinks she is like him but really she has some serious issues. Even after all of that he sticks with her which makes me want to cry even thinking about them together at the end. There was a major moment where he realized that she needed help and he had to protect her from herself. I feel like this love is so important to know about. There are people who see the world differently, are depressed, and really just can't help who they are. For Alec to have Sabrina's back like that and to love her for who she is, is so beautiful. Sabrina is such a wonderful, kind person who doesn't understand that her differences make her unique as well as dangerous to herself. I just love this couple together. They are both broken but are so much better together. 

 Who is your favorite couple in a book?