2014 Favorites: Male Protagonists

Now on to the boys. *smirks* I don't have that many male protagonists on this list like with the female protagonists list. The girls really overshadowed the boys this year. However, there are some really great male characters that I've read about this year. Unfortunately they aren't all boys who are actual protagonists on this list. It's more like my favorite male characters in 2014. But, I already made the little picture and everything so I'm going to leave it like that. Watch out because there are spoilers for the books below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

I have a tricky relationship with Jacob. I was so-so with him the first time I read about him. Then I read the graphic novel version of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and I started liking him more. It might have been the manga style he was drawn in but nevertheless he's better in my eyes. Jacob goes through the most craziest experience all because he wanted to know if what his grandfather was saying all along was true. He makes some poor decisions (Emma) but he is one of the only stand out male characters that I read about. He's loyal, caring, and a real leader to the peculiar children. I really hope everything turns out all right for him.

The third book in the Keepers Trilogy comes with one stand out character that has been being pretty awesome in all the books but really showed how amazing he was in this book the most. Toadspit is Goldie's loyal friend. He didn't always start out that way. He was pretty rude to her and acted like a "typical" boy when he found out that a girl might be a part of the Museum of Dent. In Path of Beasts he isn't around so much but I do see moments of sheer loyalty to his friend Goldie that I can't help love about him. His growth from each books is wonderful. He also is very protective of his younger sister which I love about him as well. The main event that really makes him shine in my eyes is when he battles the villain to the death in order to give Goldie some times to save the day. He knew he could have died before she got there on time. He knew this could have been it but he put his friends, family, the safety of the town and the museum in front of himself and for that Toadspit, I commend you.

This is another tricky book and relationship I have with the characters in this book. The setting is a facility to help people with mental health issues. Alec is in there for really dumb reasons compared to everyone else. Alec is angry. Angry at his dad- at the world. And then he finds Sabrina. This girl who sees colors surround her. Who daydreams constantly about things that her parents want to stop. Alec, oh sweet naive Alec, falls for Sabrina and Sabrina does the same. The thing with Sabrina is that there might be something truly wrong with her. Alec sees moments of that and he protects her from everyone else. He even has to protect her from herself. It's that sweet, gentleness and passion that he has for Sabrina that has brought him to be on this list. He's just the perfect guy for her and I'm completely in love with seeing them together.

I'll be writing about the whole Shatter Me series here so you have been warned twice! Destroy Me is a novella in the Shatter Me series. It's all about Warner. Warner is admittedly crazy in Shatter Me. He becomes obsessed with Juliet but.... he always tries to do things for Juliet's best interests. He lets her take the reins on the whole series situation. He wants to protect her but wants to show her, her potential. You see a lot of his motives in the last book. You see where he is coming from in Destroy Me. Warner has been abused by his father for years. He only wants to please his father but really he wants to destroy him (pun unintended). I learned to sympathize with Warner and later on you see things he has done that are completely selfless. He's actually a good guy! In some ways.... I just love how caring Warner turns out to be and how much he wants Juliet to see how strong she really is. He doesn't bring Juliet down. He makes her realize her true worth.

Who has been your favorite male protagonist/character in 2014?


  1. I think mine must have been Ned Stark from 'A Game of Thrones' - or probably all the princes from 'A Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom', just because they're so funny in their own way, especially Duncan, probably mostly Duncan.

    - Love, Felicia
    ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com/ )

    1. A really need to read A Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. It's right up my alley. I'm interested to see who Duncan is (;


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