Bout of Books 11.0: Wrap Up

And that's a Wrap!

I read 7 books in total: 3 graphic novels, 1 young adult book, and 3 middle grade books. I read almost 2,000 pages and met my goal to read 18 hours in total this week. This has been the most successful binge reading I've ever done. School starts today so I'll be focused on studying from now on. I have some reviews ready so I'll be on for as much as I can. Hope everybody had a great Bout of Books!

The Book Stats:

Sunday, August 23rd
Books Read: 1
Pages Read: 207
Time Read: 1 hrs. 34 min.

Total Stats
Books Read: 7
Pages Read: 1967 pgs.
Time Read: 18 hrs. 3 min.

Number of Hours to Reach Goal: 0


  1. It worked out really well that you got to participate in Bout of Books right before school start and things get hectic. You got a lot of reading done! Nice job. :)

    1. Yeah plus I got my wisdom teeth out the next day which was a really horrible experience and one that couldn't possibly let me do any reading or blogging. Thanks!

  2. You did amazing! Congrats on finishing so many books. It looks like you read some fun ones too. Good luck with school!

  3. Congratulations on achieving your goals. Great job. Now, good luck with school. :)

  4. Congratulations! Awesome job getting so much reading done. Yeah! :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal Adriana! :) What an accomplishment!

    I just read Daughter of Smoke and Bone too, so I look forward to reading your review and discussing it with you!

    Thanks for sharing and happy reading! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Awesome (: ~ I'll eventually get to reviewing Daughter of Smoke and Bone :P


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