Where in the World Have I Been?

Krystal Pham
I wish I could say I was traveling the world being the best thief the world has ever seen, but really I was mostly at school or at home being overwhelmed by what being an Education major entails. Compared to being a Psychology major I had no idea what I was getting into. It's actually been great working with kids. I'm generally shy, but after a day in one of the classrooms I'm doing field work in I was completely fine. I won't be writing about any experiences I've had in the classroom whether good or bad because of professional reasons. I just wanted to let you all know I'm doing well and I've been really dedicated to my career aspirations. I'm really happy that I feel passionate at times about my future career. I'm never passionate about anything. Being a teacher just might be my calling. But, I'm no natural and with a lot of experience I hope to be one of those teachers that kids remember learning and having fun in the classroom.

On to my reading escapades: I have not been reading consistently - no surprise there - but I do have a bunch of reviews that I still need to finish. Do you remember last August when I read all those books for the Bout of Books challenge? Well, I still have half written reviews on here that I need to finish plus a few rereads that I haven't been able to get to while I've been focused with school. It's crazy how long I've been away from the blog. I've never gone away this long before!

Here are the books that I've managed to read these past two months:

Half of these books happen to be rereads. I'm going to have to start adding rereads to my overall 2014 Reading Challenge if I hope to read 101 books like I planned to.

Other than reading some books and doing school work I finished Emma Approved and started watching Frankenstein MD both of which are really good. Also, Korra! This last season is going to be amazing and heartbreaking. I will miss watching and waiting for more episodes featuring the avatar. And by the way if you haven't been watching Gotham do yourself a favor and watch the first episode. It's pretty gruesome, but amazing. Watching Batman and Catwoman's origins has been completely satisfying so far. Actually, every villain and good guy's origins have been completely amazing. I'm in awe of this show. Oh, and I got two wisdom teeth taken out. I wouldn't recommend it. I am begging to not have to go through that again with my two other wisdom teeth. Shift teeth! Shift!

So what have you all been up to these past two months? Has anything major happen to your life like a book or a baby? I really want to know. Also, I'm looking for some Halloween reads - does anyone have any suggestions that I might find at my library?


  1. Hello!!! Long time no see.

    I'm glad you hear all is well and that you have found your teaching calling!! :) I'm sure you will excel at it teaching and be one that kids remember.

    I love Fangirl, such a cute book! I hope to read Grave Mercy soon. Very soon now that the last book is getting ready to come out. Oh, I too worry that I won't hit my goodreads reading goal. We shall see.

    Nothing really new here. I got a new job at the library, a step up from my old job as a page. I am now a desk clerk. I think that is the only thing new with me.

    1. Sorry for all the typos. I am in a hurry before going to work. :/

    2. Thank you Kay! You are very sweet (:

      Fangirl is not what I expected at all. It deals with very real things and it hit me harder than I ever expected.

      Grave Mercy is pretty long. It's written in a certain old dialect so it takes a moment to get used to it. The politics also takes a while for you to understand, but other than that it is really good. The promise of the next books in the series being about her friends has me really excited!

      Well a promotion is pretty big! I volunteer at a library and I've never heard of a page being in that setting. I'll have to ask the next time I go. I hope your new job as a desk clerk works out well for you (:

      No problem about the typos. I don't think I saw any of them anyways.

  2. Glad to hear that your schooling is going well! I have several family members who are iearly education teachers and while the work is hard, it's very rewarding for them :)

    1. I'm going for elementary education. Two of my family members in elementary education didn't like it. While my high school teacher family members like it. I just want to keep being passionate about teaching and I'm sure I'll enjoy it for the rest of my career.

  3. So glad to hear how you have been. I am happy to hear that your education degree is going well.I remember my early classes and I know you will keep getting better and more confident. :)

    I have Fangirl and Divergent waiting for me to read them. I hope you liked both of them!

    1. Thank you (:

      They were both good in their own ways with some slight drawbacks. I plan on reviewing Fangirl on the 23rd so maybe you'll get to check out my review.


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