Vampire Academy: the movie

You know what they really suck at? Portraying the characters I knew and loved from the book series.

(Spoilers ahead if you haven't read the book!)

Wow, do I regret seeing this movie. I just can't catch a break with movies that were originally books. I've had trouble with them and I can't see myself watching another one like Vampire Academy. I'm even contemplating not seeing The Fault in Our Stars in the movie theaters and that's just sad because that trailer looks amazing and that book is fantastic. I really liked the Vampire Academy trailer when it came out and I enjoyed the book too which worries me for other books turned into movies. I just don't know what went wrong... Okay maybe I do.

I know movies need to compress a whole lot of plot into two hours but the pace of this movie was just wrong. I mean it wasn't as bad as Safe Haven's pace was but nothing can be as bad as Safe Haven in that area. 

The sequencing in this story was off. I don't remember anyone mentioning Dimitri training Rose in this movie. It just happened like it's okay to add an element that some people may not know is supposed to happen in the story. 

I watched this with some friends of mine who never even heard of the series and they couldn't follow anything as well. One friend kept on commenting on how it was too fast and if things were explained better maybe it would have been a good movie. But, that was just one friend. The others were just laughing their faces off as I was and everyone else in the theater was too.

There's this moment in the book where Lissa is in danger and Rose runs to Dimitri to ask for help but she's under a spell from a necklace given to her by what I'll simply call the bad guy. The necklace has a love charm on it so her emotions get the better of her and she basically makes her move on Dimitri. It sounds so dumb writing it out but I remember it not being as awkward. I don't know what Rose said in the movie (sexy shmarmy marmy???) but everyone including of course me laughed their heads off at this scene. We were all collectively done with this crappy dialogue we've been forced to listen to. 

The moment with the headmistress being sent to sleep by Rose was pure ridiculousness... So the headmistress is in on the kidnapping of Lissa and she has this needle to make Rose fall asleep. Rose easily uses the needle against the headmistress as she was talking (and looking away from her may I add) about how she knew what was going on with the kidnapping. Then the headmistress babbles something about her childhood for a good 30 seconds after she is injected with the neutralizer. Why does her babbling have to be added at the end? It has nothing to do with anything. I wonder if the writers thought the movie needed to be a comedy or not based on this moment and the rest of the dialogue. And then the headmistress doesn't get in trouble at the end of the movie. She just plotted to help kidnap Lissa but who cares about her really? 

The only good part of this movie was Dominic Sherwood
as Christian because he was so darn cute.
The dialogue in this movie would make you cringe. So many quips Rose tried to make fell flat. Everyone was just so stupid! The culmination of the dialogue and the acting killed me inside. There was a moment where Lissa was having a dream where Christian had created himself into a Strigoi because he was the one who belonged with Lissa not the guy she had been hanging out with. If that was in the book I feel sorry for reading it. I really feel stupid for reading Vampire Academy if this is how others perceive the book to be. All I could think when watching this movie was No!!! Why does this have to happen to me again!? 
The only thing I liked about the movie was how cute that actor playing Christian was. That is all this movie could make me like.

Thanks Vampire Academy movie for making me think I'm stupid for liking another vampire series.


  1. Thanks for the head's up. I'm sorry it was such a disappointment.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  2. "I don't remember anyone mentioning Dimitri training Rose in this movie." THIS.
    "I remember it not being as awkward." AND THIS. OMG. My friend and I who have both read the book had tears in our eyes-their bodies were so awkward together and there was like no chemistry. I did actually enjoy the casting of Rose and her humor, especially in that scene at the end. Could have totally been better, but I did enjoy it. IF there is a sequel, I hope people take into account all the things people didn't like from this one.

    1. Haha (: ~ the scene with Rose and Dimitri together was super awkward and I didn't understand how they could be together. They didn't look right. I did like the actress who played Rose but her dialogue was cheesy and wrong... If there is a sequel I hope they do take account all the bad things people have been saying and fix them.


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