Blog Tour: Reaper's Rhythm by Clare Davidson

Hidden #1. Createspace (July 2013) Xpresso Book Tours
When everyone thinks your sister committed suicide, it’s hard to prove she was murdered.

Kim is unable to accept Charley’s sudden death. Crippled by an unnatural amnesia, her questions are met with wall after wall. As she doubts her sanity, she realizes her investigation is putting those around her in danger.

The only person who seems to know anything is Matthew, an elusive stranger who would rather vanish than talk. Despite his friendly smile, Kim isn’t sure she can trust him. But if she wants to protect her family from further danger, Kim must work with Matthew to discover how Charley died – before it’s too late.

Reaper's Rhythm is a fast-paced, supernatural tale that was perfect for me after reading so many heavy-hearted reads. Kim finds her sister with her wrists slashed but doesn't remember what has happened when she wakes up two days later in the hospital with her puffy eyed parents staring back at her. She can't recall anything and she's determined to find out what happened to her sister Charley, because there is no way Charley would kill herself like everyone tells her she did. Kim idolized her sister. She was popular, was always going out, and looked happy until the very end. When she starts poking around she meets Matthew, a stranger that feels so familiar and with him even further mysteries about who really caused her sister's death. She is faced with so many questions and the answers that start forming seem impossible. Could magic be real? And if it is what does it have to do with her sister's death?

As soon as I got into Reaper's Rhythm I could sense the pace being pretty fast and whenever that happens I know there might not be enough moments to catch up on who the protagonist is only on the mystery revolved around her sister's death. So I knew what to expect in terms of pace and character development which I was welcoming from this book. Sometimes you need an entertaining read without it getting too complicated or ruining your emotions for days like some other books do. It was really pleasurable that way. I liked how the supernatural elements formed in this story. It really provided some added mystery and entertainment. I also liked how for once a protagonist who was in a dire situation didn't fixate on the wrong thing - a boy. I mean Kim did mention Matthew and his beautiful smile sometimes but she didn't obsess about him and completely forget that she needed to solve her sister's death. That is a rare quality in female POV's these days in YA and it was a breath of fresh air.

Reaper's Rhythm isn't the most thought provoking read but it's wonderfully entertaining. It really provided me with an escape. The supernatural elements were awesome and filled me with interest on how the author came up with this story. Kim was a great main character who had real strength and conviction to do the right thing. I'm curious to read what happens next with Matthew and Kim - how they will come to meet again and what dangers will they face. If the next book is as light and quick as this one I'll have to give it a try.

Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours and the author for providing me a copy of Reaper's Rhythm in exchange for an honest review!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Reaper's Rhythm. I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! Thanks for writing it (:

  2. I love these kinds of thought provoking stories and I've been curious about this one for a while now I think I'd like it! I especially like that she doesn't go all boy obsessed that is def. refreshing! Great review, Adriana!

    1. It's not really thought provoking but it is a fun, light read.


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