Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings by Danielle Peterson

Duck and Doe are immortal. That's of course not their real names but pet names for each other. This story is all about their devoted love to each other and how they became forever human or a better word for it... undead. The narrator is the man in the situation. He is a lawyer who lives in Louisiana hence Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings. He is set to marry this mousy devout and as you can guess uppity woman. He is around in a time where you can't just sleep with anyone so easily so he goes to a brothel where he meets the most cunning and beautiful woman. She captures his heart in her hands and doesn't let go and therein lies the problem.

Starting the book the narrator to me sounded like I wouldn't like him at all. It's more of the way he spoke about his situation using words like he is high class and then I got into it and realized that that is the best approach with him because he has been living 200+ years. There were some times where I was raising my eyebrow like boy you do not deserve to be felt sorry over because this book is written from his side of the story and I thought that was what he was doing. Other times he knew that he messed up his life but also that he was okay with it.

I may have sounded like I thought the girl he was engaged to deserved his lack of interest but no. The narrator should have learned to stop acting like it's such a big deal to have sex right this second! He explains how it is commonplace to go to a brothel and have mistresses on the side. I found it so weird that his future wife who is so pious was okay with that because even if he's engaged to me it's okay to sleep around on the side? She needed to get a clue. It wasn't only that that was the problem with his new found love it was that she was black so the times didn't really help much or it would have ended differently.

The girl gives a false name to him. All of the women at the brothel have false names and even though eventually you get to learn his name you never do her. He calls her his doe in french. There are parts that have just conversation inf french. The narrator tells you to go to Google it which I found amusing and which I did but don't worry it's like a couple of sentences and that is it. Sometimes he even translates it for you. Anyways we will call her Doe and she is supposed to be this very beautiful woman that he instantly fell in love with. They do talk so it's not just physical but I wonder her motives still for being with him. He had money and he gave her anything she wanted. He mentions how she seems to have been hurt by earlier promises so I'm thinking if she is used to all the promises and just decides to milk him for all he's got. I don't think she loves him as much as he does. She has way too much of an air of mystery. Those are the dangerous ones and I could have told the narrator that. That's what you get for not thinking with your head...

The narrator is writing this all in present time and I liked the contrast between he's intelligent side and then talking about how good we have it now or something to that effect. It was at least interesting. Then things all sort of complicated with their lives. It went somewhere that I did not expect and made me wonder if... hmm... I won't give it away. I ended up really enjoying this book and I am so happy that I did because it goes to show you how good indie books can be. And even though the narrator acted like a hopeless fool I still liked reading his tale and wondering where it would go. And anyways don't we always root for the hopeless romantics? I sure do because I happen to be one. This book is for all those romantic reads lovers and is for adults. It didn't go into anything sex wise which I appreciate but I don't think I would classify it as anything other than adult romance. Well also, supernatural and historical fiction... So I'm really happy with how this book turned out and would love to read the second volume when it comes out. 

About The Author
"I was born in Spokane, Washington, smackdab in the middle of the 80s. I attended Mt Spokane High School and Spokane Community College, and then after a failed marriage moved to The Netherlands, where I have lived for almost five years now. I currently study International Public Management and I live with my boyfriend and out dog.

As for my likes? Well, even though it isn't very intellectual of me, the time that I don't spend working or writing I am most likely to be playing on my PS3. I also love reading, of course, and I have a stack of books so tall it obstructs the window next to my bed. Lately I have been getting into vintage vinyl, but I'm not like, hip or anything. I don't listen to club covers of Yaz or anything, mostly Fleetwood Mac and Heart and Elton John."   -Via Goodreads Author Profile

If you want to know more about the author and this book go visit her at her website and you can go visit her twitter account as well. Thanks to the author for letting me read and review her book!


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