I Couldn't Help It!

I can't help but change my blog. I like having all the things on the side. I like the clutter but it doesn't look like clutter to me. It looks like it's my blog now. You can yell but I will forever be changing my blog. I get bored easily and I will stop commenting about blog background changes because they are inevitable. I know I sound wishy washy but I can't help it! Just look at the title and know that it's still the same old She's Got Books on Her Mind but with a different background. Always.


  1. I like when you change it. It's new and it's always surprising to see it. PS. I like this one, this shade of blue is my fave. :)

    1. Aw! Your so sweet (:
      I have finally given in to my temptations.
      Blue is my absolute favorite color so I like this one too.
      Let's see how long it lasts (;


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