Discussion: Chapters 1-9 of Golden Compass #HDMReadalong

Part of this readalong I'm taking part in is discussion questions. This week The Overstuffed Bookcase put up the discussion questions and answered them on her blog. So over here I'm answering the questions in my own way. Remember this is chapters 1-9 of The Golden Compass so if you haven't read it tread lightly.

The Golden Compass: Chapters 1-9 (Part One: Oxford)

Question: In Lyra's world, humans have daemons, little creatures that take animal forms, who are connected to the humans in certain ways. The daemons are kind of like an extension of the human. They can detect each other's feelings, and when one gets hurt, the other feels it as well. Do you think that these creatures serve a purpose in this world, other than companionship? And would you want a daemon of your own? The daemons apparently stay in one form once their human is past a certain age. What form do you think your daemon would take once you became of age?

Answer: The daemons are a part of them so a part of their soul. I would think they are important to surviving especially if they die you die and vice versa. I know having a bond forever is like companionship but it's a very important aspect to the daemons and human relationship. They always have each other's back.

I would worry if I had a daemon of my own because I get side tracked and I'm one of those people that zone in and out of conversations or other things. My daemon would probably get stuck somewhere and I have to go get it out of a situation and I would probably make it worse... but I would want  a daemon. I actually like the prospect of having someone there for you all the time. They're animals so it's not as a big deal if they were humans going to say like the bathroom with me or sleeping in my bed. It depends for me as well. If the daemon had something to do with my personality it would probably be a mouse or some other small defenseless creature. If I had a choice of what it would be there are two choices I would love to have. A fox or a wolf. They are the best animals and I would look so awesome with them.

Side Note Question: What if your animal gets stuck as like a dolphin? Would you have to stay near water at all times so it could live?

Side Note Answer: I'm thinking how in the movie there was no animals that were just for the water even for the gyptians. I think that the animal has to be one that can be always with you so I doubt they would be able to just be in water. It's just impractical.

Side Note Question #2: How in the heck do you pronounce daemon? Is it just like demon? Or is it like I've been saying it; day-ee-mon? Or something different?

Side Note Answer #2: I'm pretty sure the movie said demon. I have been admittedly saying it your way. I think the whole problem the Catholic church had with the movie because it had demons... I looked it up and apparently you do say it demon.

Question: There is a lot of controversy surrounding the His Dark Materials series. Have you seen any kind of controversial subjects thus far in the book? If so, what are they?

Answer: Like I stated before I think it's all about having a demon as a companion. I am Catholic but I don't think Pullman was bothering about the patriarchal of the church. I think he was being more general. How church is taking over in issues that should not have anything to do with government.

Question: In Part One of The Golden Compass, we learn so much about this world and the plot of the novel, and yet somehow there are already several plot twists. Did you anticipate any of the plot twists? Or did they all take you by complete surprise?

Answer: I watched the movie first so I know the story all ready. My mom says how she knew Mrs. Coulter was her mother. In the movie she actually tells her so until I read the book I doubted it. So that was completely shocking as wells as who her father is. I don't remember about the Oblation Board in the movie. I don't think they made it a big deal so that was interesting. 

So what do you think about the first 9 chapters?


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  2. I have been meaning to read The Golden Compass for a while now. These discussion questions have really got me intrigued. I will have to check it out.

    1. Thanks for stopping by (:
      So far I feel it's worth reading.


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