The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy

Calla, Violet, and Daisy are sisters. Sisters who are spending three weeks at Camp Callanwolde. Calla is the mother type, always worried about her sisters and how others will perceive her. This is her last summer at camp and at home because after this she is going off on her own to college. She decides to apply for a job this year so she is an assistant. Her crush every summer, Duncan, is a counselor. He is her very best friend but he doesn't know how much she loves him but not wanting to ruin her friendship she doesn't do anything. Maybe this last summer she'll break that boundary...

Violet is the middle child so she has to be the rebellious one. All the campers have a concentration and she is a Writer. She becomes friends with Brynn, this give me attention type of girl. She admires her for that because she has never been able to break the rules. So there she goes off being rebellious and sneaking out of camp at night. Brynn is trouble though and her sisters see it especially her overbearing sister Calla. Whatever. While Calla has her eyes on Duncan she has her eyes on James.

Daisy is the youngest one and she is the quietest. She keeps to herself mostly and doesn't really have any friends. Her concentration is Running so you already know I like her the best. She likes Joel. Every sister got herself a man. She gets picked on and I want to be like Calla and just defend her. She has to be the smartest one too well I'm just saying Violet can be pretty dumb.

I had a big beef with Violet. Her friend? Brynn? She has issues and she's the type of person to bring everyone down with her. She is good in some ways but really you do what she does just to be friends? You have no self esteem and you're supposed to be the sister who doesn't take crap from anyone. There's always a sister like that in a book of three sisters. It's inevitable. Your younger sister had more sense than you.

Oh yeah. One of them had sex and what I really DON'T want to know is how it went down. I'm reading YA. I DON'T CARE! I don't need to hear the details even if it's only a page. And you don't even know him! All you did was LOOK AT EACH OTHER! You are ridiculous. That's how girls get pregnant at a young age. Sorry about that. Rant is over. Argh...

Other than my rants above the book was pretty good. Daisy made the book for me. Violet did too because she was hanging out with the troublemaker Brynn so I was always interested in them. Daisy is a runner and she is a loner. She is perfect just to let you know. She's like me in a way so of course I'll like her the best but also because she's strong.

Last thing. Did not like the ending. It's probably just me but I was shaking my head saying what kind of ending was that? So not my favorite book but it's still a decent read. It keeps you entertained and you'll want to know what the end result is with the girls and the guys.


  1. I think the cover is cute and I like the title of the book. It sounds like it is a book that is entertaining. Great review


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