The Council of Mirrors by Michael Buckley

Granny Relda is wreaking havoc in Ferryport Landing or should I say Mirror is wreaking havoc in Ferryport Landing? There's only a small number of people and Everafters willing to fight against the Scarlet Hand and those numbers are going to dwindle unless the Grimms can convince others to join in. Meanwhile Uncle Jake is going crazy with the need to revenge his love's death. On top of that all of the Mirrors have been fixed by their creator Bunny. Now The Council of Mirrors tells of a prophecy: the salvation of the whole world relies on the Sisters Grimm.

Throughout the book people doubt the girls and try things there own way. But we need the Sisters. This series again I say and will continue saying for the rest of my life is the greatest fairy tale series that has ever come out and will ever come out. It is pure brilliance! I will read this to my future children! The ending is just perfect. You don't even understand. You will DIE! You will flail around, yell, and squeal, you'll do it all. And I have one word left that will make you so happy (at least it makes me happy) it's: EPILOGUE.


  1. I always see this when I'm shelving books at the library but I've never taken one out, but since you said it's the greatest fairy tale series ever (!!) I'm definitely starting this series (as soon as I can get a copy of it)! I probably have a lot of catching up to do.

    1. You MUST! There is nothing not to love. The first one is Fairy-Tale Detectives by the way (:

  2. I love these books and can't wait to finish the series! This one sounds fantastic and I am glad it all ends in a way that I will be happy about! Yeah!



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