Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

"Her voice
pierces me in the chest,
right under, 
the breastbone
And my heart,
right then and there,
rips in half.
I can feel the weepy
tear in it."

That's right. It's another one of those books that is written in verse. This one is about two sisters, Hope and Lizzie. Lizzie tried to kill herself and Hope is trying to find out why. Her mother is a prostitute so they aren't living in the best living conditions. I've never absolutely loved a book in verse. Burned by Ellen Hopkins got close only because the book's ending made me want to scream and rip and tear out the father's eyes out.

I actually don't mind verse that much anymore. It's just that I haven't read a 5 star book with verse in it but I'm being too critical seeing as I've only read three like that so don't mind me too much. This book had a lot of potential and it was intense at some times. It's a really messed up family they've got here. I didn't like how Hope a lot of the time didn't seem to care about her sister. She would always go off to her friend's house. She would always do that before but it was like she was always laughing. She never really took the time to go visit her sister. If my brothers really needed me I don't care if I had to walk for a day I would go to them. I don't know. She is twelve but really... She would talk about missing her sister and how her sister would cry but at the climax I still couldn't feel for her and she's the main character!

Well I got all the negative out of there so now for the positive. The reveal was horrible... in a good way. It'll just pierce your heart just like she says (quote above). It's really bad why she wants to kill herself. Before the reveal they hint at it and you know. God you know. This isn't going to end well. You get a little panicky before because you know and when it becomes revealed you just die inside a little. So as you can see I did like the book I just didn't like how Hope acted most of the way during the book. Verse is catching on to me. One day I might even go out of my way to read it.


  1. I like the title, cover,and quote. This sounds like an interesting story. I haven't read many books for MG or older written in verse- so I am curious about this one. Thanks for sharing!


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