When the Moon Forgot by Jimmy Liao

So here comes another picture book your way. I'm glad I decided to do this because of books like these. A boy finds the moon small, sick, and lost. It doesn't remember how it got there. While everyone else notices that the moon isn't there. Just like the people of this world someone somewhere decided to capitalize on this and make a moon toy for everyone. Now everyone can have their own moon but one boy has the real moon and that boy becomes great friends with the moon and then the moon remembers and has to go away. 

I thought this was touching. It's weird for me to say that because you always read that from reviews from the top dogs how this book was riveting and touching but it's true it was really touching. And the illustrations! Just fantastic

It starts out without any words. And it makes you scan the whole picture because the story already started and in that way you get to take in the story more. It makes you slow down. I haven't heard of this author/illustrator before so it was nice to meet him this way with this story. It was just precious him carrying the moon and taking him places with the moon in a coche (stroller). And I loved even though everyone else forgot their moon he never forgot his. It found the perfect person.

There were parts where I thought like such an adult. He's on a roof of a tall building and on a train by himself and I'm thinking that is so not real because a mother would not let her child do that. I was like wow. You really are lacking in imagination. But that's what picture books are. They encourage imagination and sometimes they have a little moral lesson in there too. Thought it was lovely. I did have some beef with what the kid's pajamas were though. Doesn't that remind you of something? But I think I'm being a little too critical plus inspiration comes from everywhere.


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