While I talked about before about my school troubles two other things happened during the two weeks that I didn't blog. One: I got a twitter. I thought I would never get a twitter but I wanted to support Secret Circle which is a great show that was cancelled after one season. It was perfect right after The Vampire Diaries and I would always want to see it first than TVD. Both these television shows were originally books by L.J. Smith. Apparently it didn't go by the book but I really didn't know about these series so it doesn't bother me particularly. So I'm saying it's a great television show that you should watch. Both series had had what has to be the greatest season finales I've ever seen. Seriously. It was epic. So I'm going to ask you guys to sign the petitions to save the Secret Circle. Watch the show. It's amazing.

The Secret Circle is about 6 families of witches that are in a circle. Together they are powerful. There are so many twists and turns. Watch this awesome video and sign the petitions. You won't regret it!

I also will have updates about the blog on their too. My twitter: @Adriana_1226
Couldn't fit the blog name on there but it's okay. The second thing was my brother got me a Sony Reader.

My camera isn't working right now so I just got this from the internet. Now my brother is super sweet to get me this for an early birthday present seeing that my birthday is in November. Now I got mixed feelings because books actual books are what makes the world go round for me but I slowly got used to the idea because I will never give up real books. I'll use it for my club reads and some other books. I don't see me using it a ridiculous amount which is good because I've always been against it. Over the years I've been okay with it. I mean it can be useful but I will always have paper books with me. It's just how I am. How about you guys?

How do you feel about ereaders and ebooks?


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